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Small World

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One popular Maagic Kingdom attraction will undergo a refurbishment. Here is what you need to know before your next Walt Disney World vacation.

small world magic kingdom
Credit: Disney

Lately, we have looked at many attractions that have undergone a temporary closure at Disney World. This is typically when a ride breaks down or is experiencing an operational issue, which forces Disney to shut down the attraction until the problem is resolved. When this happens, it can be jarring to Guests as they may not have expected the closure. Luckily, those closures are often short-lived.

Refurbishments, on the other hand, are both good and bad in comparison. If a ride is meant to be refurbished, typically, Guests will know about it ahead of time as the Walt Disney World website posts when an attraction will be closed for refurbishment. This way, Guests can manage expectations before they arrive at Disney World. 

it's a small world
Credit: Disney

Negatively, refurbishments tend to take much longer than a temporary closure and Disney can keep the attraction closed from days to weeks to months (or years, if we are talking about the Walt Disney World Railroad). As we prepare for the 50th anniversary at Disney World, it seems a few attractions are getting ready to be updated or tweaked, and one of these is “it’s a small world”.

“it’s a small world” is an iconic Disney attraction, specifically because Walt worked on the Disneyland version himself, and it was a hit at the World’s Fair! According to the refurbishment calendar, “it’s a small world” will be under refurbishment beginning July 27. The refurbishment, however, will be short-lived and will only last until July 30.

small world
Credit: Disney

There are likely a few issues that Disney will correct on the attraction, but given the short timeline, it does not seem that major changes would be made. That being said, we will have to wait until July 30 to see if any of the updates are noticeable officially. Considering how “it’s a small world” is one of the older attractions and it is flooded with animatronics, it is likely that there may be a few that need some TLC!

Small World
Credit: Disney

Below is a list of Disney World attractions and shops that will still be under refurbishment as of July 27 at Magic Kingdom:

Walt Disney World Railroad – Frontierland – Temporarily Unavailable Closed for Refurbishment
Walt Disney World Railroad – Fantasyland – Temporarily Unavailable Closed for Refurbishment
“it’s a small world” Closed for Refurbishment
Walt Disney World Railroad – Main Street, U.S.A. – Temporarily Unavailable Closed for Refurbishment
The Hall of Presidents Closed for Refurbishment
Main Street Confectionery Closed for Refurbishment

What attraction at Disney World do you think needs a refurbishment? 

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