It Took Paris Hilton 12 Years to Realize Disney Based a Character Off Her

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Many celebrities are big fans of Disney, but there are only a few that Disney has used as inspiration to create their own characters.

Paris Hilton is a big Disney fan, even though it may not seem as apparent at first. The model, DJ, and TV personality visits the theme parks very often, and when she is not at Disney World or Disneyland, she still has a piece of Disney with her as she named her dog Tinker Bell! Hilton has even confessed that she will go to far lengths to ensure she enjoys her day at the parks by entering with a full incognito prosthetics look to avoid being recognized. 

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If you have ever watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the Disney Channel sitcom which starred the Sprouse twins as Zack and Cody, Ashley Tisdale as hotel employee Maddie, and Brenda Song as the hotel’s heir, London Tipton. The show takes place at the Tipton, which London’s father owns. London comes off as a very nice and caring girl; however, she is quite spoiled and not always the brightest.

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Many who watched the show quickly realized that London was a fictional recreation of the real-life Paris Hilton, although not stated by Disney themselves. Not only does the Hilton family have a massive hotel chain named after them, but Paris was named a city, just like London in the show.

Paris was also perceived as very spoiled by many, especially after The Simple Life went to air, which showed Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie attempting to work a job and often failing miserably while complaining about the workload that many others must do daily.

Although many of us may have caught on to the similarities, it seems it took Hilton a little longer to make the connection.

In 2017 Paris (@ParisHilton) Tweeted:

What’s on your mind?

Hilton then followed up her own Tweet by stating:

That London Tipton is basically me!

Considering The Suite Life of Zack and Cody debuted in 2005, Hilton is 12 years late to realize that Disney literally recreated her for a television show. In the Tweet thread, many seem to genuinely believe Paris had just realized this at the moment of the Tweet. That being said, the response to her own Tweet was a very “London Tipton” thing to do, so perhaps Paris is the one trolling all of us!

Do you think Paris Hilton was messing around? Or do you think she really did not know London Tipton is very similar to her?

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