Epic Universe’s Lands Seemingly Begin to Form

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epic universe

Credit: Bioreconstruct

Epic Universe will be Universal Orlando Resort’s next theme park, which many fans are ecstatic about! But, how is construction going?

Epic Universe
Credit: Universal

When Universal announced that Epic Universe would be coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2019, many were shocked. Announcing a new attraction is often a huge deal, but a whole theme park comprised of many lands is a major change. Although Epic Universe would not be placed next to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, but rather behind ICON Park, the new theme park would be minutes away.

epic universe
Credit: Bioreconstruct on Twitter

When the pandemic hit, Epic Universe’s plans became uncertain. The timeline for completion became a question mark, and no one knew if the project would progress and when that would happen. Now, we know that Epic Universe is back on track with an apparent 2025 completion.

We have recently seen a ride track placed on the theme park’s grounds; however, we are unsure what ride it could be for. There is also the possibility that the ride track is for a different Universal theme park and is just being held at Epic Universe for storage, as we once saw with VelociCoaster. However, with the full-speed-ahead construction that will be needed to finish the theme park in four years, we hope this track is indeed for Epic Universe! 

epic universe
Credit: Bioreconstruct

Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) continuously posts fantastic updates on the theme park’s construction, and today we will take a look at the most up-to-date views of the park. Below, we can see that construction for theme park offices is underway.

Aerial look at Universal Epic Universe area already approved for warehouse and office construction. Parking is likely for construction workers, then resort Team Members..
Top and right of center are hotel towers of Universal Orlando Resort.

Below is a photo of the actual theme park space. It seems that Universal is still working on the land before any vertical construction begins. We can see that the area is beginning to look a little more mapped out and divided into sections for each land, which was not apparent previosuly.

Aerial look at site of Universal’s Epic Universe. Center of this photo is about center of the planned themed park.

This next photo is interesting, as Bioreconstruct points out that at the moment, it looks like Epic Universe will not have a parking garage as Universal Orlando Resort does, but a flat parking lot. This can, of course, change as construction continues, but considering this is only one theme park, a parking garage may not be needed.

Aerial look at project offices at site of Universal’s Epic Universe. Guests will park in a flat parking lot in the roughly square section at center of this photo.

Epic Universe clearly has a long way to go as no major advancements have been visibly made, but it is clear construction continues to move in a forward direction.

Universal has been quite hushed about what lands will fill the theme park. Still, we know that Super Nintendo World has been confirmed as a land, and Universal is looking to incorporate many DreamWorks IPs. 

When do you think Epic Universe will be ready? 

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