Massive Crowds Flock to Universal as Capacity Restrictions Disappear

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Credit: @AliciaStella Twitter

Over the past few weeks, Universal Orlando Resort has undergone many changes, which have all been pushing towards having the theme parks return to normal. 

Credit: Universal

We saw mask mandates disappear for vaccinated Guests, and temperature checks are gone, social distancing went from six feet to three feet. Then, Universal removed social distancing in the parks altogether. One of the biggest changes has been capacity increases.

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Universal has been able to operate at full capacity for quite some time now, as Governor Ron DeSantis lifted capacity limits a while ago. That being said, since Universal Orlando Resort is on private property, Universal was able to decide how much they wanted to raise capacity on their own timeline.

Credit: ITM

Recently, Universal has admitted that their capacity is back in full operation, and it shows! Reporter Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) took to Twitter to show how crowded Universal Orlando Resort was this morning in the line to enter CityWalk and go through security. As you can see in the video below, the crowds are massive and at a standstill.

UnIvErSaL WiLl nEvEr ReCoVeR tHe CrOwdS will never ReTuRn….

Because of the pandemic, Universal did suffer financially; however, the company did not lose money but broke even. Most of this was due to the success of Universal Orlando Resort reopening in June 2020 to a high demand that has only increased since then.

Credit: Universal

Although the line looked to be quite daunting, it seemed that the line was cleared in 15 minutes thanks to the efficiency of Team Members!

Wow, @UniversalORL I am extremely impressed and pleased. You’d never guess looking at these photos just how incredibly smooth that was. Considering the constant flow of arriving guests I can’t believe how fast you got everyone in. Huge #UOFistBump to all parking and security TMs!


Considering crowds only continue to grow, it seems that Universal will likely profit this year instead of just breaking even. But, especially with the hype that VelociCoaster has brought to Islands of Adventure and the return of Halloween Horror Nights this fall, Guests cannot wait to step foot into the adventure.

It should also be noted that Universal Hotels are now finally all in full operation! Now that Aventura is open, Universal can hold the number of Guests it typically would during a pre-pandemic time, which will surely only increase crowds on property.

Credit: Universal Orlando Blog

There is still more than Universal must do to return fully to a pre-pandemic state, such as reopening theater shows, having Team Members remove masks both indoors and outdoors as a couple of examples, but considering where we started one year ago, Universal has reverted to a more normal state of operations quite quickly!

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