Comments for Massive Crowds Flock to Universal as Capacity Restrictions Disappear


Credit: @AliciaStella Twitter


  1. I was just there 2 Weeks ago and it really wasn’t that bad. The Universal team is really efficient!

    1. Michelle

      We’ve been here since Saturday, June 19 and City Walk was a quick and easy flow until the 22nd. This was the day we had tickets to Universal Studios. We’re staying at one of the resorts so after we saw the huge crowd at a standstill we took the water taxi instead and bypassed the crowd. We’re having the best time ever!

  2. K.J.

    Not sure how this is news. Drop masks so people can be comfortable and restore most amenities and people come rushing back. Shocker!!

  3. Susy

    I was there on Sunday June 13th and it wasn’t too bad. However, on Monday it was announced the park would go to full capacity on Tuesday. Unfortunately, that was our second day to go to the park and it was horrible. It was so crowded you couldn’t move. The waits for anything Harry Potter related were horrible, including getting a simple cup of butter beer!!! It was wall to wall people and it was miserable. Never going back.

    1. Michael

      Welcome to summer at a theme park! It’ll be like this until September.

  4. Joel

    Trying to get into the park is like trying to get back to the US from Mexico. Went straight to customer service to get refund. Wait times can not be correct. For how many people are flowing into this place. They must stop at an hour.

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