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Credit: Universal (left) oyby (right)

As we have passed the year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see how theme park operations are evolving.

At Universal Orlando Resort, as of late, we have started to see a huge shift in how the theme parks are moving towards a more normal operating system. Temperature checks are now a thing of the past, single rider lanes are open, theaters are seating every row, and social distancing has reduced to 3 ft from 6 ft, as approved by Orange County, FL.

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Credit: Universal

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It has been interesting to see what exactly 3 ft looks like in a queue and if there is still apparent distancing. YouTuber Roy, who goes by oyby on his channel, recently reported on what the queue for VelociCoaster looked like now that 3 ft has been put in place. Although the Jurassic World coaster is not yet open, the attraction is undergoing a soft opening before its official debut on June 10. From this, we can see just how close Guests are standing.

Credit: oyby YouTube

Although we cannot see the floor marking from the photo, it is easy to see that while Guests do have some distance between themselves from party to party, the 50% reduction in distancing does create a much more crowded environment.

Credit: oyby YouTube

Masks are still mandatory at Universal Orlando Resort unless you are actively eating or drinking while stationary, as we can see in the below photo, or the water/walking to an attraction at Volcano Bay. Governor DeSantis has allowed all businesses to return to normal, including removing mask mandates, but that choice is entirely up to Universal.

Credit: oyby YouTube

To watch the full video, take a look below:

ITM Reporter Alex Lue waited in line at Universal this past week as the 3 ft physical distancing was enforced, and found that although it was fun, the crowds were very apparent:

Universal Studios Orlando is a fantastic resort with fun-filled experiences, but social distancing is non-existent. Herding cats seems to be easier than trying to get folks to wear their face masks. Attraction queues both inside and outside are jam packed. Nonetheless, there’s still much fun to be found

At the moment, Universal has not noted that they will be increasing capacity — although they can — with queues shrinking to half the size in physical length from what they previously were, there is now a lot more space for Guests to enter while still allowing Universal to abide by the 3 ft physical distancing rule. 

Disney World has also just announced a reduction in physical distancing; to learn more, click here. 

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic as we continue to bring you the latest health and safety updates as well as rules and regulations at Universal Orlando Resort.

Would you feel comfortable waiting in a queue that looked like the one pictured above? Let us know your thoughts?

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