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When Guests visit Disney World, certain snacks are coveted and are a must-eat for many!

Iconic snacks such as the Mickey Premium Bar, Mickey pretzel, and churros are a staple for many, but no snack is (arguably) as popular as Dole Whip! Because Disney made Dole Whip exclusive to only a few locations on the property, the desire to order one when arriving at one of the elusive dining locations is quite strong.

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Many have associated Dole Whip with Disney, but really, Dole Whip can be found at many other locations, including Disney World’s biggest competition, Universal Orlando Resort! Yes, you heard us correctly, Universal sells Dole Whip, and it is made just the same as Disney’s version.

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At Universal Studios Florida, Guests can visit Schwab’s Pharmacy to get an order of Dole Whip. Unfortunately, the location only serves the classic pineapple-flavored Dole Whip, whereas Disney often has more Dole Whip flavor options. That being said, pineapple is the classic Dole Whip flavor!

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marketplace snacks dole whip
Credit: Disney

Guests can choose to eat their Dole Whip in either a cup for $3.99 or a cone for $4.49. At Aloha Isle in Disney World, a cup of Dole Whip is more expensive at $4.99! So, if you want to try a Dole Whip and don’t mind where you eat it, picking one up from Universal could save you some money, and it will give you a new experience!

Austin Does (@itsaustindoes) noticed that Universal also sells Dole Whip and freaked out!

Um…hi…DOES UNIVERSAL HAVE DOLE WHIP??????????? #UniversalOrlando #DoleWhip

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Dole Whip can also be purchased at many stadiums as well, so if you are craving a pineapple swirl the next time you are watching a live sports event, go check out the snack stand. 

Did you know that Universal Orlando Resort also sells Disney World?

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