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With all the high-tech at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, keeping your phone charged at the Parks is more important than ever. MagicMobile, My Disney Experience, maps, mobile orders, Minnie Vans, wait times and virtual queues are just part of the reasons your phone battery should be high and ready for your day. But how do you keep your phone charged without a huge hassle? These are our best tips to keep your phone charged at Disney!

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Change Phone Settings to Help Battery Life While at Disney

The first thing you’ll want to do each morning is to change around your phone settings in order to maximize your battery life. Swapping to “low battery mode” is the easiest and first solution, but removing excess notifications, lowering wake time, and killing off open apps are other ways to lower your phone’s usage. Airplane mode can really take the edge off if you’re out for a long day in the parks, and asking your email to fetch manually instead of automatically can also improve battery life! Lastly, using dark mode or lowing your brightness can reduce the screen’s work, therefore reducing battery usage.

If you’re just not sure what’s draining your phone battery, try looking at your “battery usage” screen. On iPhone iOS, you can see which apps are being used the most, or what you’ve used most recently. The place to find that screen is heading over to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

You might find that the very apps you need in the Parks are what is causing your phone to die. While the My Disney Experience app is incredibly useful for looking at your PhotoPass photos, using the maps, ordering food, and more, it’s also a beast of a program and can drain your phone. Shut it down when not in use.

Likewise, the extremely fun Play Disney Parks app would kill a phone in a fraction of an hour, due to its geolocation services, live updates, and more. Don’t utilize this app unless you’ve got a spare battery ready to go!

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Ways to Carry an Extra Battery at Disney Parks

This reporter never heads to Disney without some sort of park bag. Whether it be a full-sized backpack (check the dimensions of what’s allowed in the Parks) or a small cross-body, my Parks essentials always include a phone battery and charging cord. The easiest way for me to carry my portable battery is in an easily accessible pocket (but not my pants pocket because batteries can get HOT while charging).

Of course, when your battery is not in use, remove all cords, and never leave the battery out in the sunshine for a long period of time. This can reduce the capability of the item, not to mention, it won’t be fun to pick up!

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Recommended phone chargers to use in Disney parks

An easy way to keep your phone charged is to have a power bank or portable phone battery in your Disney Parks bag. Retailers sell a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths, so choose the one that is right for you. Some batteries can help you show off your love of Disney Princesses, Star Wars, or even the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some are also better suited to a pocket or a backpack, versus a car cupholder-sized battery.

The Disney World Parks also have a portable charger option for you, if you forget yours at home! FuelRod made the scene a few years ago, but was met with contention when the company installed a charge to swap for fresh (fully charged) FuelRods instead of the initially advertised unlimited swaps. The approx. $30 starter kits include charging cords and USB cable, but can be obtained at some airports for a lesser charge.

You can find a FuelRod station nearly anywhere at the WDW Parks, but a fully charged FuelRod can only charge a modern phone from 5% to about 60-70%, so it’s not very efficient. Opt for a personally purchased phone battery if possible.

Disney FuelRod Charger Founder Status

“Lipstick” chargers are incredibly handy, and about the same size as a Fuel Rod. They are easy to carry because of their small size, but hard to keep your cell phone charged all day long. Most Disney Guests prefer a “bank” style battery that can easily charge their phone 2-3 times before it goes dead. Slimline ANKER batteries are a favorite, as are Belkin portable phone banks.

Charging your phone at Disney Guest Relations

Did you know you can leave your phone at Guest Relations? Yup! Guest Relations in each of the four major theme parks will provide you with a free phone charging service. Simply provide your own charging cable with your phone and glean a claim ticket.

You’ll be leaving your phone for a few hours (we recommend 1-2 hours), so just grab a good hold on the ticket and enjoy everything the Disney Parks have to offer.

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Charging Locations at Walt Disney World

If you only need a quick stop, charging your phone at Disney can be a DIY situation.  You can find a few plugs in each of the parks to babysit while your phone sucks up some juice. Just be aware not all have seating areas and some could be in high traffic areas.

Magic Kingdom Charging Stations

Main Street U.S.A

  • Visit Guest Services on your Disney World vacation for free charging and babysitting phone service (City Hall at the front of the park)!


  • The Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café has a few outlets near the indoor dining tables


  • In the large tent next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow (the Dwarfs often meet here during Event Parties) you will find a few plugs and benches. The outlets are set up to accept both normal American plugs and USB cords.
  • At the Tangled/Rapunzel bathroom and stroller parking area, you will find “tree stumps” to sit on, and many of these harbor outlets and USB outlets. Plug up, sit down, and maybe let baby nap in the stroller!


  • Near the Space Mountain Gift Shop, you will find. few available outlets, just watch for incoming foot traffic!
  • Cosmic Ray’s offers a few outlets near their restroom hallway, but this can be a busy place to charge.
  • Outside the Tomorrowland Restrooms (near Space Mountain and the Stage Area) there are outlets and a low-to-the-ground place to sit.
  • For a slightly smelly place to charge, there are outlets near the trash cans at Tomorrowland Terrace. (yay, and ew!)
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EPCOT Charging Stations

Future World/World Nature Neighborhood

  • Visit Guest Services as mentioned above for free charging and babysitting phone service (to the left of Spaceship Earth)!
  • Living Seas has outlets near the Ladies Restroom as well as the elevators
  • Standby for World Celebration construction updates and possible charging locations

World Showcase

  • Norway outdoor outlets near the restrooms
  • Morocco Outlets are scattered in the deep pavilion
  • Mexico’s La Cantina de San Angel (waterside) has outdoor seating and an outlet.

Animal Kingdom

  • Visit Guest Services as mentioned above for free charging and phone service (just inside the touchpoint gate)!
  • The Finding Nemo theatre has an outlet amongst the outdoor greenery and sitting benches.
  • Pizzafari Quick Service has many outlets in the indoor dining areas. Look down low!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Visit Guest Services as mentioned above for free charging and phone service (just inside the touchpoints to the left)!
  • ABC Commissary has a row of outdoor bistro tables with outlets along the ABC wall. Snag a table and bring your meal outside.
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Charging Locations at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park

Main Street U.S.A.

  • Carnation Café – Two outlets are situated between Carnation Café and The Bakery
  • Train Station – Just inside the left of the entrance you’ll be able to sit while charging your phone
  • PhotoShop – Facing the front entrance, it’s on the right and has a cover plate on it
  • Baby Care Station – On the wall in the nursing room


  • Village Haus Restaurant – By the stained-glass window you’ll find a plug
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train – look to the planters!
  • Matterhorn – at the right exit by the lamp, but watch out for other Guests!
  • Behind the Edelweiss Snack Shop
  • The Snow White Wishing Well – Two outlets are a green protective box in the bushes next to the railing. Be cautious and courteous!
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  • The Pizza Port has a plug at a table to the right of the main entrance along the wall. Chew while you keep your phone charged at Disney!
  • There are two located in the bushes to the right of the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters exit

Critter Country

  • Pooh Corner Gift Shop –  just outside the back door
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant – grab a table on the lower level and look for a plug
  • Splash Mountain – To the left of the Fastpass sign


  • Rancho del Zocalo – Two plugs are located in the outdoor plaza dining area
  • Horseshoe Saloon – The second level has multiple outlets
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Just outside, there’s a plug behind the benches facing the ride. Charge and sit!


  • Toontown Benches – Various benches in the land have plugs to sit and charge
  • Toontown City Hall – On both sides of the steps, there are plugs
  • Firehouse Jailhouse Building – Located inside
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California Adventure Phone Charging Locations

Cars Land

  • Flo’s V8 Cafe – near the cashiers

Paradise Pier

  • Ariel’s Grotto – Three on the building across from Ariel’s Grotto
  • King Triton Carousel – Nearest the restroom hall behind the carousel. Watch for foot traffic.
  • Blue Sky Cellar – exit area

Grizzly Peak Recreation Area

  • Smokejumpers Grill – Located in the seating area
  • Soarin’ Around the World – Behind the pay phones as well as next to the Soarin’ store

How do you keep your phone charged at Disney? Leave us a comment below with your strategies!

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