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As many of you know, Jungle Cruise at Disney World has been undergoing changes for a few months now as part of the reimagining of the ride. And overnight, Disney Imagineers finished installing the NEW trapped safari characters on the ride!

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jungle cruise
Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering

Elements of the popular theme park ride are currently being reimagined for Guests so they can enjoy a brand-new Jungle Cruise experience called Rivers Journey. Disney Guests have been able to watch Imagineers hard at work as the attraction has remained open throughout the reimagining progress at Walt Disney World. (The Disneyland version of the ride remains closed as the reimagining happens).

Now, Disney Imagineers have hit their latest milestone as the new trapped safari characters have officially been installed on Jungle Cruise at Disney World!

Walt Disney Imagineering took to Instagram to share the news, writing:

We just wanted to POINT out the exciting progress Imagineering teams made last night on the #JungleCruise enhancements at @WaltDisneyWorld Resort! Starting today, Magic Kingdom Park guests aboard the attraction can meet our trapped safari of new characters, including Felix Penchman XIII, the Skipper who led this expedition up a tree! We are excited for guests to see them for themselves at @Disneyland when the Jungle Cruise reopens on July 16!

Disney recently shared more information on each of these characters so when Guests encounter them aboard the Jungle Cruse, they know exactly who they are and where they come from!

The first, Felix Pechman XIII — He is the closest to the rhino who “recently left his home in Silver Springs, Florida, and landed a position as a skipper with the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. In an unexpected turn of events, Alberta had no choice but to ask him to lead his very first boat tour with her VIP guests. Unfortunately, Pechman’s trademark bad luck has followed him to the jungle.”

The second, Dr. Leonard Moss — “An acclaimed Canadian botanist. Having successfully photographed and cataloged every plant in the frigid Nova Scotia peninsula, Dr. Moss decided that his next photo excursion should be to a warmer climate.”

jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

The third, Rosa Soto Dominguez — The celebrated Mexican artist, who is known in the art world as La Rosa. “She was on her way back to Mexico City from her latest gallery opening in Paris when she received a special invitation from her very close friend, Alberta. Rosa looked forward to their reunion in Adventureland when she would also get to paint some of the exotic wildlife, especially given her fascination with rhinos. As luck would have it, she ended up a little too close and personal with one.”

Fourth on the pole is Dr. Kon Chunosuke — Japan’s preeminent entomologist and a member of the famed Society of Explorers and Adventurers. “He traveled to the jungle on a mission to find new specimens for his world-class collection of insects. As an admirer of Dr. Falls’ legacy, Chunosuke was hopeful that this younger Falls would be able to lead the way to the legendary Myrmecoleon, also referred to as the “lion of ants.” Unfortunately, he has only been able to find butterflies, mosquitos, and a rhino.”

jungle cruise
Credit: Screenshot Disney Concept Art

And lastly, all the way at the top is Siobhan “Puffin” Murphy — “[She] traveled all the way from the small island of Dingle, Ireland, to pay a surprise visit to her distant cousin twice removed on her father’s side, Alberta. Siobahn was nicknamed “Puffin” because of her love for the puffin birds that nest in the rocks of her seaside hometown. Many believe that it was Puffin’s love of exotic birds that drove Skipper Felix to get a little too close to an oxpecker perched on a particularly grumpy hippo.”

These characters will also be spotted on the Disneyland version once it reopens to Guests on July 16.

More on Jungle Cruise

The new version of the attraction is part of Disney’s efforts to tell diverse, inclusive stories across the theme parks. Earlier this year, Disney Parks Blog shared that the company is “building on the story of the Jungle Cruise at both Disneyland park at Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort to include new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love — more humor, wildlife and skipper heart — and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us.”

Jungle Cruise
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The official description on the Disney World website reads:

Embark on a river cruise where dangerous beasts and dry wit abound. Board a canopied tramp steamer piloted by your trusty skipper, who will expertly navigate you through some of the world’s most treacherous waters.

Steam past lush foliage, butterflies and waterfalls on the Amazon in South America. Glimpse an abandoned camp overrun by curious gorillas on the shores of the African Congo.

Along the Nile, watch for bathing elephants, angry hippos and hungry lions. Be on the lookout for a tribe of headhunters recently spotted in the area. Your cruise continues down the Mekong River in Asia, home to baboons, cobras and other fearsomely life-like creatures.

It’s a 10-minute, 10,000-mile journey that you won’t soon forget!

Jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more information on the reimagining of Jungle Cruise.

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