Haunted Mansion Attraction at Disney World Breaks Down Again

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When an attraction breaks down at Disney World, it can be disappointing for Guests who are looking forward to their favorite ride, One ride that is prone to breakdowns at Disney World can be found at Magic Kingdom. The spookiest attraction in the park, and arguably one of the most popular, tends to undergo temporary closures quite often, and now, it happened again.

Let’s take a look at what you can do when stuck in a simular situation!

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The Haunted Mansion is an iconic Disney World attraction, where Guests get to enter the world of 999 happy haunts! The attraction’s inception stems from the attraction that was first created in Disneyland, inspired by many of the ideas of Walt Disney himself, which gives the ride a nostalgic flair. It truly is a must-do attraction for anyone visiting the park, and of course, a breakdown could really effect the day of any Guest.

The Haunted Mansion tends to break down periodically, and luckily, those temporary closures do not often last too long. Still, they can make your wait time extend, or closure could cause disappointment to any Guest walking up to the attraction the expectation to ride during this time.

Earlier today, The Haunted Mansion underwent a temporary closure, as noted by WDW Stats (@WDWStats) on Twitter.

Haunted Mansion has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 31 minutes.

The attraction had not been closed for too long, and reopened after 17 minutes. Knowing this, there is no guarantee as to when any attraction will reopen when it experiences a temporary closure.

Disney World describes The Haunted Mansion as:

A Spirited Tour
The disembodied voice of the Ghost Host is your private guide through the cadaverous realm of an eerie haunted estate, home to ghosts, ghouls and supernatural surprises.

Glide past a casket-filled conservatory, Madame Leota’s chilling séance room and a ghostly graveyard of singing specters as you attempt to find your way out. Beware of hitchhikers—these phantom pranksters may follow you home.

Happy haunting!

Haunted Mansion
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Before Entering the Mansion
A musical crypt, a leaky tomb and a ghostly writer are among the creepy haunts you’ll find outside the main entrance. Explore supernatural hands-on experiences—only at Walt Disney World Resort—while you await your fate inside.

Too Scary?
The Haunted Mansion is dark and contains some mildly frightening scenes, but there is no gore, the ghostly residents are friendly and the ride is slow-moving.

One of the best things Guests can do when stuck in a situation such as this is to keep their eyes on the My Disney Experience app! As soon as an attraction is back up and running, the wait times will be added back to the attractions list on the app, alerting any Guest that they can ride once again.

It is also good to know which attractions are prone to having temporary closures more often than others. At Magic Kingdom, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress all tend to experience temporary closures from tiem to otime. For example, Big Thunder Mountain also experienced a closure such as this today!

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Knowing this, Guests can decide whether they want to wait out the temporary closure, or, if they want to hop out of line and get on anther attraction. Although we cannot promise that the above attractions will eventually reopen without too much of a wait, Guests should not be too shocked if an announcement alerts Guests of the closure. In the instance of this Haunted Mansion shut down, waiting the 17 minutes was likely a good idea for Guests as it was a very short closure, as we have seen in the past.

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When you enter the park, it is always a good idea to look at the My Disney Experience app to see what attractions may be temporarily closed. Also, be sure to check the app for the same thing before heading to your next attraction.

If there is a ride that has closed and you really want to ride, you can also always ask a Cast Member if there are any updates on the attraction’s operations. They may not be able to provide any extra information each time you ask, however, there are instances in which asking is beneficial! For example, if the ride is closed for the rest of the day, asking a Cast Member will save you time from always refreshing the app to see if any changes have occurred.

What attraction do you think tends to break down most often at Walt Disney World? Have you ever had an attraction break down while you were riding it? Let us know in the comments below!

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