Disney Guests Being Told to “Fill the Available Space” Once Again

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Credit: Screenshot via Brian and Amanda YouTube

As we continue to move forward and fight against COVID-19, and as pandemic-era restrictions are loosening, Walt Disney World is taking steps in reducing social distancing at the theme parks. The Resort confirmed the changes to park protocols would be implemented in a phased approach, some of which we have already seen unfold.

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The theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort — Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom — were skipping rows on select attractions to keep social distancing implemented. However, now as they reduce this safety protocol, we have seen Cast Members begin to fill all rows on select rides.

Additionally, we have seen that social distancing markers are being removed from queues and along Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom. But one of the most significant changes so far is that the Disney Skyliner is now loading multiple parties into the gondolas.

Now, as social distancing becomes a thing of the past, Guests are beginning to get a dose of “normalcy” at Walt Disney World.

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Theme park fans Brian and Amanda went live on YouTube today to bring their followers along with a day filled with magic at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. And for the first time in forever, Guests heard a Disney Cast Member say a familiar phrase.

Credit: Screenshot via Brian and Amanda YouTube

In the video, when we see that the Guests are in line for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, you can hear a Disney Cast Member say, “Hey guys, could we please just come on in and fill up some of this space? I know it’s weird, but the ramp will get backed up.”

This is something that many Disney World Guests have not heard in over a year due to the ongoing pandemic since social distancing was put into place and parties had to remain six feet apart, keeping ample space in between each group. Now that Disney World is reducing social distancing in a phased approach and as the theme parks remove markers from queues and other areas, Guests no longer have to stay six feet apart. Instead, they can once again closer togeher in queues and Cast Members are still able to safely operate the attractions and follow the theme park protocols.

Some may be thrilled to start to hear this famous phrase once again as we get back to a bit of “normalcy” in the theme parks, while others enjoyed having social distancing implemented, especially in the Florida heat.

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Credit: Screenshot via Brian and Amanda YouTube

At this time the Walt Disney World website states the following when it comes to social distancing:

Temporary adjustments are still in place to promote physical distancing. While we will reduce physical distancing measures for Guests across many areas with a gradual, phased approach, six-feet distancing measures will continue in all dining locations, merchandise stores and in areas where Guests can temporarily remove their masks.

Physical distancing measures may include:

  • Signage and Ground Markings: Please follow directional signage and ground markings, which have been installed throughout Walt Disney World Resort to help Guests better navigate common areas while practicing physical distancing.
  • Physical Barriers: Physical barriers have been added in select places to help promote proper separation between people, including in queues and on transportation and attractions. Barriers may also be visible, for example, in areas around cash registers or at Guest Relations.
  • Party Size: Guests traveling in parties of more than 10 are asked to split into smaller groups in queues, dining locations and other areas around our parks and resorts to better allow for physical distancing.
  • Parking: Cashless payment is recommended at the auto plazas.
  • Training: Cast Members are trained to engage with Guests and promote physical distancing guidelines in common areas and queues.
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Credit: Disney

For more information on safety protocols at the theme parks, visit the official Walt Disney World website here.

So, how do you feel about hearing this phrase again? Are you happy to see social distancing be reduced at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below.

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