Aerial View Shows Fantasmic! Lagoon Collecting Water

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mickey in fantasmic (left) fantasmic lagoon (right)

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: Bioreconstruct

For the last year or so, the Fantasmic! lagoon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been drained as the theme park is not currently hosting the nighttime show due to the pandemic. Many are anxiously waiting for a reopening date of Fantasmic! as Disney recently shared that Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Forever at EPCOT will be returning on July 1.

At this time, Disney, unfortunately, has not announced a reopening for Fantasmic!, but thanks to Twitter, we have an updated look at the lagoon within the theme park.

Credit: Disney

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Bioreconstruct took to Twitter to share an aerial photo showing the Fantasmic! lagoon, which is still drained. However, it is now collecting rainwater:

Aerial look at Fantasmic, which seems to be collecting rain water.

Though the lagoon is still sitting empty, and this may not be the type of water many were hoping for, there is still some good news. In fact, Disney has been making strides towards a possible reopening of the nighttime show as several permits have been filed as of late.

At this time, Disney has not announced a reopening for Fantasmic!, but Inside the Magic will update you as we get information.

Credit: Disney

More on Fantasmic!

In case you have never seen this nighttime spectacular, the Disney World website describes the show as:

A Legendary Tale

Featuring more than 50 live performers, massive sets, stunning effects, dazzling pyrotechnics and rousing music, this larger-than-life show is painted on a grand canvas of dancing water and light like nothing you’ve ever seen. Overflowing with silly and suspenseful surprises, it will leave your entire family smiling from ear-to-ear.

Credit: Disney

A Night When Dreams Come True

Fast asleep, Mickey Mouse dreams that he is a mighty sorcerer’s apprentice with the power to control water, color and magic. The Disney Villains—including Maleficent in the form of a towering, 40-foot-tall dragon—turn Mickey’s dream into a nightmare, but don’t underestimate the power of Mickey’s imagination!
The fantastic fantasy includes Disney Characters from some of your favorite animated classics:

Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty
The Little Mermaid
The Lion King
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Credit: Disney

Do you hope to see Fantasmic! return to Hollywood Studios soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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