What’s Going On With Casey’s Corner?

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Walt Disney World Resort has been reopened for almost a year and the crowds are continuing to grow and more of the giant Resort is continuing to open up. However, one popular Magic Kingdom dining location has remained closed.

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Casey’s Corner, located at the end of Main Street U.S.A., and always draws a crowd and is known for its delicious hot dogs and corn dog nuggets, which have developed kind of a cult following.

corn dog nuggets
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Now, with Casey’s Corner being closed, you may be thinking, “How can I get my corn dog nuggets? I need my corn dog nuggets!”. Well never fear! There are more locations at the Magic Kingdom where you can get your fill of these warm, savory pockets of goodness.

To get your corn dog nugget, simply head over to Frontierland! There are two locations in the area that will sell you corn dog nuggets and even more delicious treats.

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One location Guests can venture to is Westward Ho. The log cabin walk-up stand serves a variety of snacks that you can eat on the go — including Mickey Pretzels and churros. Best of all, they also have cheese sauce, which is a yummy addition to your corn dog nuggets.

Westward Ho
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If you want to be able to sit down and quietly enjoy your corn dog nuggets, you can stay in Frontierland and make your way to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café. This quick-service dining location is more than just a walk-up-and-go type restaurant. Corn dog nuggets are just one of the tasty meals that you can get at this Frontierland staple.

Rustle up some grub at this Old West saloon! Tell tall tales over chicken fajitas, southwestern salad and the bacon cheeseburger—all before riding off into the sunset to the taste of sweet treats like mini churros with dipping chocolate.

pecos bill
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Unfortunately, it looks like these two locations will continue to be the only locations you will be able to get your corn dog nuggets at for the foreseeable future. Casey’s Corner is scheduled to remain closed through at least mid-August according to the Walt Disney World Resort calendar.

Casey's Corner
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There’s no official word as to why Casey’s Corner continues to stay closed at this time. However, it is possible that Disney World is giving the restaurant a sprucing up ahead of its 50th anniversary. Disney is painting the entire Resort in pixie dust for the celebration, including decorating Cinderella Castle and doing a major renovation to its Main Street Confectionery.

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So it is possible that Casey’s Corner is also getting some sort of update at this point. Inside the Magic will keep you updated when any updates are made to Casey’s Corner or when a reopening date is announced!

Are you missing Casey’s Corner? Let us know in the comments!

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