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casey's corner

Credit: Disney


  1. Bernie

    We’re not big hot dog fans, so not having access to Casey’s doesn’t impact us much. We eat there maybe once per week-long visit to WDW.

    But we are eager to see it reopen as a sign that things are returning to normal!

  2. fgsd

    Harbour House needs to open ASAP

  3. Fred Trump

    This article doesn’t answer what’s going on with Casey’s Corner. Good content otherwise.

  4. Mmluv

    I always thought that Casey’s was staying closed due to its location and social distancing. If the lines there were to fill up with social distancing measures in place, the lines would have spilled out onto the sidewalk and into Main Street causing crazy traffic jams (something Disney was definitely trying to avoid). Now that social distancing is being relaxed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they open up sooner, if they have the staff. They may have to train new people.

  5. Steve B

    I understand that the kitchen space is so small, that cast members have to stand shoulder to shoulder, making this place impossible for social distancing.

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