Build-A-Bear Unveils The Bear Cave, Just For Adults!

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Everyone loves Build-A-Bear Workshop. As children, we have fond memories of going to the mall, picking out the best accessories, and completing “heart ceremonies” to bring forever-friends home. Now Build-A-Bear has launched a new its new Build-A-Bear Cave for bear lovers of all ages.

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Credit: Build-A-Bear

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The Bear Cave is a place where fans, especially those aged 18+, can come to find all the licenses their nerdy hearts love. Build-A-Bear already had a collection from Star Wars featuring The Mandalorian — Din Djarin — himself and other Disney properties, like Winnie the Pooh. They’ve even branched out to other franchises like Lord of the Rings.

baby yoda ashoka build a bear
Credit: Build-A-Bear

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One of the most sought-after items in the new Bear Cave collection is The Child (AKA “Baby Yoda” AKA Grogu). His adorable eyes have people flocking to him right away. The official description of “Baby Yoda” — complete with pod stroller — from Build-A-Bear says:

Protect the Child at all costs! This officially-licensed plush accessory is inspired by the beloved bounty from The Mandalorian™. This adorable alien comes with its own plush pram for safe transport throughout your galaxy.

You can purchase him for $44.00 by himself or add his pram to bring the total up to $79.00. The new Star Wars collection also added former Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano – who fans also met in The Mandalorian as played by Rosario Dawson, and she even comes with her head tails, or lekku.

deadpool black widow black panther build a bear
Credit: Build-A-Bear

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Build-A-Bear is getting into the Marvel game too. They’ve done it in the past with characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and even Captain Marvel. But they are adding new members to their Avengers roster now including Black Widow who has waited as long for this honor, just as Natasha Romanoff has for her own movie.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Her bear is described by the site as follows and is normally $35, but is currently on sale for $21:

Accomplish any mission ahead with Build-A-Bear as Black Widow! This extensively trained character isn’t afraid to get her paws dirty as an online exclusive collector’s item. Build-A-Bear as Black Widow looks just like an all-action intelligence agent with her built-in red wig, bodysuit and comic book graphic on the paw pad. She also comes with two plush batons as part of her signature look. Show off your skills and bring home Build-A-Bear as Black Widow today!

They also added Black Panther to their site for $29. But, the true sign that Build-A-Bear is gearing this new line towards an older audience is the fact that they have added Deadpool (AKA the Merc with a Mouth) to their site. The normally R-rated character can be found in his adorable Pandapool version.

deadpool pandapool build a bear
Credit: Build-A-Bear

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The deadly, but cute, assassin is normally $40 but currently on sale for $28! The Deadpool bear is described as:

Join the pandamonium with Build-A-Bear as Pandapool! This comic book character is bringing the action as an online exclusive item. He comes with a built-in belt and the Deadpool logo on the left paw pad. Build-A-Bear as Pandapool makes a must-have gift for movie fans and collectors!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Credit: 20th Century Studios

The new collection even adds Doctor Who characters and students from each house from Harry Potter.

Build-A-Bear officially describes The Bear Cave as:

You can expect unexpected collabs, unique pop culture, luxe & giftable plush in The Bear Cave™. Shop the collection from Build-A-Bear.

Are you excited about the launch of The Bear Cave? Will you be ordering these new adults-only Build-A-Bear toys?

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