Here Are Some Must-Eats at Avengers Campus

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Avengers Campus food

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Avengers Campus opens in just a couple of days, and we’re just as excited as you are! While there will be so much to see and do at Avengers Campus — including riding the newest attraction — WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure — there will also be a ton to eat. Inside the Magic was lucky enough to experience a preview of Avengers Campus, and we have some delicious foods that you should definitely add to your “must eat” list.

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Credit: Disney

Impossible Spoonful

This delectable dish can be found at Pym’s Test Kitchen. It is a giant meatball sitting on a pile of rigatoni. That may sound simple, but Disney really gives you something tasty with this meal. The “meatball” is actually an Impossible Meatball — which means that it is plant-based. However, you will not miss the meat. The meatball was juicy, well-seasoned, and perfect on a bed of multi-sized rigatoni.

pym test kitchen avengers campus
Credit: Disney

The story behind Pym”s Test Kitchen is that Dr. Pym, Ant-Man, and The Wasp are experimenting with enlarging and minimizing various foods. The meatball in the Impossible Spoonful is large, and perfect to split (and of course, there’s a second, smaller meatball, as well) while the rigatoni comes in a regular size and miniature pieces.

Quantum Pretzel

Also found at Pym Test Kitchen, this pretzel may be the biggest pretzel I have ever seen. It weighs one pound and comes out hanging on a large rack. It may be huge, but it is absolutely delicious. The outside of the pretzel has a nice bite and not too much salt. The inside the soft, and fluffy, and perfectly chewy. It is hard to stop eating this behemoth, even when you feel like you can’t have another bite.

pym test kitchen avengers campus
Credit: Disney

While the pretzel is delicious, the sharp cheddar beer cheese sauce that came with it was underwhelming. When we tasted the sauce, it did not taste like beer or cheese. The sauce had a chalky consistency and tasted like the flour had not been completely cooked out. Hopefully, this was just a one time hiccup and they have perfected their beer cheese sauce for the land opening.


In honor of Tony Stark and his love of shawarma, there is a cart that sells the yummy wraps inside of Avengers Campus. The Shawarma Palace cart will serve a “New York’s Tastiest” chicken shawarma and an “Impossible Victory Falafel” shawarma. Both will be served with a coconut-yogurt tahini sauce and pickled vegetables.

Shawarma Palace
Credit: Disney

Both of these shawarma wraps are equally delicious, so you are sure to be satisfied no matter which one you choose! Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, we highly recommend trying both shawarma options as we really enjoyed them. If the Shawarma Cart line is long, head over to the second Shawarma location by Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!.

Honorable Mentions

Not So Little Chicken Sandwich

Found at Pym’s Test Kitchen, the Not So Little Chicken Sandwich is yummy, but pretty much your typical chicken sandwich. The twist on this sandwich is that the chicken is oversized and the bun is a tiny one. If a breaded chicken sandwich is what you are craving then the Not So Little Chicken Sandwich is sure to satisfy. We recommend eating with a fork and knife, though!

Chicken Sandwich Avengers Campus
Credit: Disney

Terran Treats

Located by Guardians of the Galaxy —  Mission BREAKOUT!, Terran Treats offers a Sweet Spiral Ration that is a green circular churro that has the slight taste of pineapple. The churro comes covered in sugar, which can make it seem as though it will be overly sweet. However, the sugar is not overwhelming. The pineapple flavor could have been a little stronger, but the churro itself was warm and chewy and had a great texture.

Terran Treats
Credit: Disney

The second treat offered at Terran Treats is Cosmic Cream Orb. The orb is filled with a raspberry cheesecake cream that comes inside a crispy pastry. The biggest issue with the orb is that the filling is cloyingly sweet — and this comes from someone who has a huge sweet tooth. The cream was more balanced when eaten with the pastry, but still incredibly sweet.

We hope that you find our list of must-eats helpful when trying to plan your day at Avengers Campus. The above foods are only a small sample of what Avengers Campus has to offer. Inside the Magic will keep you updated with more of our Avengers Campus must-eats as the land begins full operations.

Avengers Campus will open on June 4 at Disney California Adventure Park. Unsure about how to access the new land? Read our Avengers Campus guide here!

What food is on your “must-eat” list when you visit Avengers Campus? Let us know in the comments!

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