White Castle Next to Disney World Gains a Hot Dog Competitor

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Credit: Portillo's (left) White Castle (right)

If there is one major thing Orlando has to offer, it is hospitality! From world-class theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort to top hotels and amazing restaurants, Guests who visit will surely find everything they need to make the ultimate vacation.

Having access to delicious food is often a priority when traveling, especially on a Disney World vacation! Although Guests can choose hundreds of food options on-property, all around the Disney bubble sit hundreds more delectable food offerings that Guests can enjoy.

Now, a new option can be added to that list: Portillo’s!

Credit: Portillo’s

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Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, it seems Portillo’s has been hyping up its brick and mortar Orlando debut for quite some time, after delaying their grand opening multiple times. Now, it seems that they are ready to open up the gates to their hot dog shop, as they have announced an opening date of June 15, 2021!

Good things come to those who wait, and our fans in Orlando could not have been more patient—thank you! We are bun-believably excited to announce that our grand opening in Orlando is on June 15 at 10:30am! We can’t wait to see you there.

Portillo’s started its Orlando presence with just a food truck, and the popularity grew so large that the restaurant now has a permanent location in O-Town. The hot dog and burger shop can be found right next to White Castle, which just opened to massive success.

Credit: Portillo’s

White Castle entered Florida for the first time in 50 years, claiming its territory in O-Town as the largest location in the food franchise constantly has a drive-thru line that can stretch about a mile down the road, even weeks after opening!

The incredible popularity that the slider king holds will surely still be around on June 15, so it will be interesting to see if Portillo’s can compete with the nationally beloved food chain. With a drive-thru line so long for White Castle, Portillo’s Guests may need to wait their turn to enter the plaza patiently.

White Castle
Credit: Inside the Magic

Because O-Town is minutes from Disney World property, Guests will soon have the option to choose between White Castle burgers or Portillo’s hot dogs, so really, the ultimate barbecue is a short drive away from your hotel room! Portillo’s can also fill a void in Disney Guests hearts as it will be able to finally provide quality hot dogs since Casey’s Corner remains closed at Magic Kingdom.

White Castle
Credit: White Castle via Instagram

Want to decide if you should eat at Portillo’s? Here is what you can expect when the Orlando location opens next to White Castle:

At Portillo’s, we’ve spent years focusing on flavor and letting our food speak for itself. As a result, our fans speak for us – and it turns out they have LOTS to say. Some might even say they’re obsessed with Portillo’s. 

Our fans across the country are passionate about Portillo’s. What started from humble beginnings outside Chicago is now a nationwide phenomenon. And guess what? We are just as obsessed with our fans as they are with our food. 

Take a look at our fans’ obsession with Portillo’s. If you’re a longtime fan, we thank you. If you’re new, watch out –  you’ll be obsessed the first time you smell a delicious dipped Italian beef sandwich.

Eating a delicious hot dog from Casey’s is almost a staple in many Guests vacations, so the addition of Portillo’s is coming at the right time! To take a look at the Orlando menu, click here.

So, what will you choose, a White Castle slider or a Portillo’s hot dog? 

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