New Behind-the-Scenes Look: Reimagined Jungle Cruise

in Disneyland Resort

Jungle Cruise in Disneyland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

One of Disney’s most adventurous, treasured, and interactive rides has gone under a huge refurbishment, and many Disney Guests in California will be happy to know that our beloved Disney’s Jungle Cruise will return to Disneyland this summer!

Jungle Cruise in Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

With many Guests enjoying the Jungle Cruise in Walt Disney World while changes are being currently made, Disney has just released some never-before-seen images of what Disney fans will encounter while tracking the wild safari. And what’s more exciting is seeing while embarking on a river cruise adventure is Trader Sam’s new lifestyle change. Wonder what hilarious puns will come about this new Disneyland scene?

jungle cruise poster closed
Credit: Inside the Magic Bailee A.

Trader Sam’s new job!

While riding down the Nile, it looks like our Trader Sam has traded his lost and found hut into a more profitable store. Disney Parks Blog shared:

Jungle Cruise in Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Progress continues at both parks as Imagineers build on the original story with new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love. Today we’re revealing a behind-the-scenes look at the work on Trader Sam’s newest venture, which recently dropped in at Disneyland.

True to his reputation as the best merchant in the jungle, Trader Sam has found a way to convert the new Lost & Found location into something more profitable for the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. The Jungle Cruise appears to be going the route of all the best rides – ending with a gift shop! Take a look at this first look above!

For those who were afraid to board the Jungle Cruise and endure many repetitive dad jokes, Trader Sam’s character is known as the “Head Salesman of the Jungle.'” It was brought to our attention that Disney Imagineers removed this rum salesman from our beloved jungle and did not mention whether his character would ever return to welcome us all to his new shopping center.

Below you can see the animatronics of  Trader Sam at Magic Kingdom (left) and Disneyland (right) that have been removed from the attraction:

Trader Sam Jungle Cruise
Credit: S.E.A.

Although many Disney fans crossed their fingers for his return, we now know that in some way or form, his name will be included in Cast Members’ jokes near the end of this Disney attraction.

Disney has not ever announced that a new Trader Sam will be present in animatronic form within the ride, but we do know that he will have a lost-and-found — or, actually, a “gift shop” — at the last scene of the attraction. Trader Sam will be “out lost and finding some new inventory.” Take a look:

Word on the stream is that Alberta Falls, proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., has entrusted her longtime friend, Trader Sam, to manage the new Lost & Found location. But, with Trader Sam being Trader Sam, there’s always an opportunity to make some extra money. After all, all the best rides end with a gift shop, right?

Take a look at this rendering of their newest venture together. Clearly, Sam is betting on an established reputation as the best merchant in the jungle! But, while he’s out lost and finding some new inventory, it’s the animals that get the last laugh!

trader sam's gift shop jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

Take a look at Disney’s newest clip welcoming back this summer on the Jungle Cruise.

Are you excited about Trader Sam’s new business venture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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