Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Sign Is Back at Magic Kingdom!

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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

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When the Magic Kingdom reopened back in July 2020, not all the attractions in the theme park opened up with it. One of the attractions that remained closed was Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland.

monsters inc laugh floor
Credit: Disney

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor was a popular attraction among Guests who loved to escape into the cool theater and listen to corny jokes — maybe even one that they wrote — and be heckled by the monsters on stage. The Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor featured Mike Wazowski, Roz, Marty Wazowski, Buddy Boil, and a two-headed yellow monster whose name changed with each show.

monsters inc laugh floor
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For those who have never been to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, the concept is relatively simple: The Laugh Floor has replaced The Scare Floor now that Sulley is in charge, and he has decided that because laughter is more powerful than screams, that is how they will power Monstropolis. Now, monsters are putting on a comedy show and you and your fellow audience must help power the city.

monsters inc
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While Disney made no official statement on the future of the attraction, in October, it was reported that Laugh Floor Cast Members had been laid off. Soon after the report of Cast Member layoffs, the signs for the attraction were also removed from their location in the Magic Kingdom.

laugh floor 3
Credit: Inside the Magic Katrina

As was the same with the Cast member layoffs, no statement was made by Disney about the future of Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. So for a while, it was unclear if or when the attraction would return.

Well, Monsters, Inc. fans, it seems that the attraction is not going anywhere and may even be coming back soon! One of our Inside the Magic reporters was in attendance at Magic Kingdom today and saw that the signs for the Laugh Floor were back!

Laugh Floor Sign
Credit: Inside the Magic Alessa D.

Following tradition when it comes to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, Disney has made no official statement regarding if and when the attraction will be returning. Guests who visit Disney World’s website will not be able to find any showtimes for the attraction through July 6 — which is as far out as the calendar goes — but the sign reappearing certainly seems to be a good omen. We will continue to wait and see what the future holds for the Laugh Floor at Walt Disney World.

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