Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Cast Has Been Laid Off

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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

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More details surrounding the Disney Parks layoffs continue to come to light. This evening we just learned of Disney’s Hollywood Studios laying off the iconic Citizens of Hollywood, and now it looks like the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor cast is suffering the same fate.

If you have ever been to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom, you have likely laughed at the terrible jokes, perhaps submitted your own, and if you were really lucky, you were picked on with your face showing up on the screen. The Laugh Floor showcased favorites from Monsters, Inc. including Mike Wazowski, Roz, Marty Wazowski, Buddy Boil, and a 2-headed yellow monster that changed its name with every show.

The characters on screen were able to make the show so funny because there was an actual cast creating the jokes and voicing the characters behind the scenes. They were quick on their feet and were able to embarrass any Guest in the audience, making their vacation even more memorable and magical.

Disney has not shared any operational details pertaining to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at this time.

Disney fans everywhere are mourning the loss of this hilarious attraction and show. Zach’s World took to Twitter to say:

I’m not trying to get any views from this, but I’m so heart broken to announce that more entertainment layoffs have been made at @WaltDisneyWorld this includes the whole casts of Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and Citizens Of Hollywood. To all affected I’m so sorry this is devastating.

The Ronenverse posted:

The Monsters Inc Laugh Floor cast got laid off today and it’s not going unnoticed. Millions of guests saw the show everyday and we should express our thanks to the cast members who made it all happen! If you have a memory from the Laugh Floor, share it using #laughfloormemories.

The hashtag #laughfloodmemories is hopefully one that will begin so that Disney and Cast Members can see how special the show was, and how much individual and unique joy it brought to Guests.

I remember showing up to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor dressed up at Mike Wazowski during one Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and having the 2 headed yellow monster crack so many jokes about me. I was standing up, dancing, laughing, and it was a highlight of my night. I cannot imagine how many more Laugh Floor memories exist, and I hope to see more shared on social media as the days progress.

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If you didn’t know what this show entailed, Disney Wiki states the plot to be:

This attraction is set after the events of the Disney/Pixar animated films Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. Monstropolis is running on safe, clean “laugh power,” but even now it still needs more laughs to provide for the needs of the monster world. To that end, Mike Wazowski suggests opening up Monstropolis’ first comedy club.

Humans will temporarily enter the monster world via a door the monsters have placed in Tomorrowland. During their visit, guests will be entertained by Monsters, Inc.’s top comedians, where their laughs will be collected and converted to electricity.

All of us at Inside the Magic are sending magic and pixie dust to all Laugh Floor Cast Members — we thank you for the laughs!

Share some of your Laugh Floor memories with us in the comments.

Click here for a list of ways to help Disney Cast Members during this time.

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