This Marvel Twist Might Give a Clue For Future MCU Stories

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When WandaVision premiered earlier this year, fans were convinced that a big Marvel villain—the antagonist Mephisto—was behind all the crazy antics. They searched for clues in every episode, and wrote about every other. Ultimately, it was all for nothing, because Mephisto wasn’t even a thought in the series after all.

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But in the Marvel comics, Mephisto is very much causing trouble in his devilish ways. In the big crossover comic event Heroes Reborn (and the latest issue of the series, Heroes Reborn #4), the Avengers were completely reshaped when Mephisto helped bring Phil Coulson back to life with the agenda of dismantling the Avengers. But that meant that Mephisto completely reshaped time when he traveled through history—it means Captain America never was found in the arctic, and Iron Man never sustained the wound that led him to become the ultimate Avenger. Essentially, Mephisto’s decision technically wiped out the Avengers that we know and love.

Of course, this is comics, where anything goes every week with little consequence. But we can definitely look at what this might mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that Thanos has been defeated, there needs to be another big bad that the Avengers will have to contend with.

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Although it was disappointing that Mephisto didn’t appear in WandaVision, thinking that he was a part of the show wasn’t out of the question. As the first official Marven content of Phase 4, WandaVision seemed like the perfect place to play the groundwork for Mephisto’s introduction into the MCU. And Marvel has always taken directly from big comic runs, such as Captain America: Civil War and The Infinity Saga, though usually the directors and writers take the broad strokes from the stories, tailoring them to the needs of the movies based on what TPTB have planned.

If Thanos wanted to wipe out half the universe, we could see Mephisto wanting to do something similar: travel through time and change reality. And since we’re now dealing with the multiverse, that’s something that could very well happen. Lucky for the world, if things go bad, the best Avengers will assemble to save it.

Do you have theories about what the big bad for the next phase of the Marvel Universe could be? Let us know!

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