Marvel Is Changing The TV Game By Not Using Showrunners

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It’s safe to say that Marvel has transformed the television landscape with its Disney+ shows. Each series truly brings movie-level action and style to the small screen in the form of entertainment that we’ve been so used to seeing in the MCU, and now, that world is being brought to our homes in the form of more nuanced stories for some beloved characters.

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A new Variety article sheds some light on how those shows are making an impact on the industry, going into detail about the different approaches Marvel takes for their shows.

In this case, head executives like Kevin Feige or directors are the ones in charge of the show as opposed to a designated “showrunner” that television shows are used to having. It makes sense because Marvel is a franchise that needs control from the highest level with everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so interconnected. But that kind of leadership doesn’t exactly sit well with those in the industry who are used to a more traditional approach, and it has many seasoned showrunners speculating that might be one downfall of the Marvel model.

As Variety reported, a writer of elevated genre TV said:

“At some point, it’ll bite them in the ass when it comes to recruiting top-shelf writer talent. If you’re a midlevel writer getting a giant bump to ‘run’ a Marvel show, of course you’re going to do it. But if you’re an experienced showrunner with multiple shows under your belt, are you gonna work under those conditions? Probably not.”

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WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have already proven themselves with critical acclaim and top ratings, and upcoming shows like Loki, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel are highly anticipated. And Marvel has already proven that sometimes, the “road less traveled” is the one that works the best.

Sure, Phase One of the MCU used established talent like Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, and Joss Whedon to shepherd their films. But it was really in later phases where Marvel’s eye for lesser-known talent — directors who hadn’t helmed huge blockbusters — began to show its strength, with talents like Taiki Waititi, Joe and Anthony Russo, Cate Shortland, and James Gunn taking the reins.

It’s clear that Marvel has its formula pretty set, so we shouldn’t be too worried about how they’re approaching this new venture on the small screen. But we definitely look forward to whatever the MCU television shows have in store and who will bring them to life.

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