Google Reports Happily Ever After Fireworks Return – Could It Be True?

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We’re so ready to see the return of Walt Disney World fireworks we could burst (get it!?!)! After airing “virtual” Happily Ever After and Not So Spooky Spectacular fireworks last fall, Disney Parks Blog has still not announced the official return of any nighttime shows, including the obvious omission of fireworks in the announcement for the new BOO BASH.

But as Disney fans have been combing the internet, there’s a specific reported Happily Ever After fireworks return date right on the Google page for the show…

Happily Ever After
Credit: Disney

When “googling” around on the internet, people often suggest fun search terms like Friends or Wizard of Oz to find Easter eggs to click and enjoy. But when entering a Disney search term like “Happily Ever After fireworks,” you’ll see something a little more interesting.

On the Google sidebar of that very same search, you’ll see a short digest of facts about the Happily Ever After fireworks show including its inception date as well as…. a reported return date. Even though Disney has not made any official announcement of when fireworks shows will return to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Google is reporting a Happily Ever After return date of July 21, 2021. That’s less than two months from now.

Google Happily Ever After Fireworks Return screenshot
Credit: Inside the Magic Screenshot via Google

This Walt Disney World Resort-related information was not pulled from Wikipedia as the informative paragraph was (and is credited) as the Wikipedia page makes no mention of “July,” “2021,” or terms related to the show resuming. The page does show an edit date of May 28th, 2021, so some changes were accepted to the page, and are unknown at this time.

wikipedia Happily Ever After Fireworks Return report
Credit: Inside the Magic Screenshot via Wikipedia

Google amalgamates internet information from SEO and verified listings of businesses and events in sidebar boxes called Knowledge Panels or Knowledge Graphs.¬† It’s not always known where Google pulls all the bits of information from, but this entry sure has us wondering. Disney has not made it clear or announced that fireworks will return (to any park) anytime soon, and these are experiences that have been on hold since the parks reopened in summer 2020, but testing has been conducted after hours.

It should be noted that social distancing at this Disney Park has been significantly changed, as has the outdoor mask policy. As restrictions continue to evolve or possibly relax, it seems that fireworks returning would be part of a “return to normal.” These milestone changes could mean that fireworks are on their way back.

The official Walt Disney World webpage for Happily Ever After still lists the show as temporarily unavailable. However, is an announcement coming soon? We will keep you updated.

Credit: Disney

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