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When it comes to visiting Disney Parks there’s plenty for Guests to do and there is no shortage of fun to be had. All this fun and is surrounded by a rich Disney history and hidden magic around every corner.

Come on a journey with us as we discover the hidden things you can find at the original Disneyland Park!

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First on our list is something or rather someone that resides in Adventureland. Usually, you hear of this little guy right around St. Patrick’s Day. Known as one of the park’s best-kept secrets is the little man of Disneyland.

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Patrick Begorra made his Disney debut in print before residing in Adventureland. He has a whole story about him and how his little home came to be in the form of a Disney Little Golden Book.

Credit: D23

According to D23, the tale of the Little Golden Book goes as follows:

The charming story of Patrick, a leprechaun who lives in a tiny, half-hidden house at the roots of an Anaheim orange tree—until one day Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy (and Pluto too) turn up. They are ready to start moving trees so they can build “a wonderful place called Disneyland…”

Credit: D23

Patrick then gets to see the plans and blueprints for Disneyland and just asks for a residence just for him. Now, Guests can visit his home at the base of a tree just outside the entrance queue to the Indiana Jones attraction.

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Speaking of Indiana Jones, this attraction has some great hidden items. But one of them is my absolute favorite. And trust me when I say, it’s so easy to miss. Especially during these times in the midst of the pandemic where queues are a bit different and have to operate fully outside.

indiana jones easter eggs
Credit: Inside the Magic

This fun Easter egg can be spotted in the indoor queue as you approach what is known as India Jones’s office. The wall of Jones’s is made of crates. One of these crates has a very familiar name on it. This particular crate has a label that says, “Deliver to: Club Obi-Wan”.

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star wars easter egg in indiana jones ride
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This next hidden gem was made popular by the even more popular app, TikTok. Coincidentally enough, it has to do with another tree. Before you head past Sleeping Beauty Castle and just past Snow White’s Wishing Well, there lies a little bit of magic, carefully tucked away. Just beyond a small set of stairs stands a tree with the initials of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. This whimsical little detail is just so cute and magical, and I can’t wait to see it for myself.

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A Disneyland secret spot with Peter Pan and Wendy’s hidden tree #disneyland #peterpan #disneylandsecrets

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This next spot has an homage to not only Walt Disney but to his brother Roy Disney as well. For this particular hidden spot, all you have to do is lookup. In Adventureland, just above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction sits the former Dream Suite.

walt and roy disney initials in disneyland
Credit: D23

This area now is used for a unique and pricy dining experience known as 21 Royal. Just outside this dining area is a balcony that all Disneyland Guests can see. And if you look carefully, in gold are the initials for both Walt and Roy Disney. 

No matter where you look, there is plenty of magic to be found at Disneyland in California!

What other hidden magic have you found throughout Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!

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