Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’ to Start Production in 2021

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Peter Pan

Credit: Disney

Disney’s live-action version of Peter Pan was originally set to debut in theaters in next year, but now it looks like the start of production won’t be until 2021.

The DisInsider reports that according to a production list, production is set to start in March of 2021 and it has yet to be confirmed when the release date of the film will be.  Given that filming will start in March of 2021 and would probably go on for a few months before heading into post-production, there may still be a chance for us Disney fans to be able to enjoy this live-action remake towards the end of 2021, although a release date hasn’t yet been announced.

Peter Pan
Credit: Disney

Why Such a Long Delay?

As we all know, 2020 put the world at a pause, and the entertainment business is just starting to come back to life again.  In order to get back to operations, the new normal for many business operations includes adding in new health and safety measures.  In order to bring magic to our movie screens, there have to be protocols and procedures put in place to keep the cast and crew healthy, safe, and comfortable.  With that being said, finishing up casting for the film is one of the first things that needs to be done.

Captain Hook and the crocodile
Credit: Disney

Meet the Cast

Let’s meet the cast we already know is set to be featured in the film.  Back in March of this year, Disney announced who would be playing the leading roles of Peter Pan and Wendy, which are Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson.  Both newcomers to the acting world, but aren’t unfamiliar to Disney as, Molony has been on Disney Junior and Anderson on Black Widow.  The latest news come in an evil way as Jude Law is in the works to play the villain, Captain Hook.

Peter Pan Live Action Cast
Credit: IMDB

We can all hope that time flies and the live-action Peter Pan will be hitting our movie screens soon.  As Peter Pan says, “All it takes is faith and trust, oh! And something I forgot: dust… Just a little bit of Pixie Dust.”  In the meantime, think of the happiest thought as you watch the original 1953 animated Peter Pan on Disney+.  Be sure to equip yourself with Peter Pan gear like, apparel, backpack, and Minnie ears, before the movie does come out!

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