Anthony Mackie Wants a Captain America Parade

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sam wilson captain america

Credit: Marvel Studios

Anthony Mackie is now officially Captain America. So, that means he gets his own parade, right? The Marvel actor seems to think so because he joked to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview that he wants his hometown of New Orleans to honor him with their usual mode of celebration.

“In New Orleans, we have like a parade for everything. I want a parade. I want a Captain America parade with beads and charbroiled oysters. I want a celebration,” Mackie joked.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with Mackie taking back the iconic shield and fully suiting up as the new Captain America, officially taking over the mantle that Steve Rogers had left him at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Mackie recently reflected on his Marvel journey from (literal) wingman to America’s new star-spangled man in the “making of” series, Marvel Studios Assembled.

anthony mackie as sam wilson at captain america memorial
Credit: Marvel Studios

“For Marvel to give me the opportunity as a Black man, from the south, to become Captain America, I think, says a lot, not only about the work that I’ve put in to get to this point that they would entrust me with that,” said Mackie.

“Being a soldier and being a veteran, being a counselor, he realizes that as a people, we’re all Americans. I’m not Black Captain America. Steve wasn’t white Captain America. He was solely Captain America. So as a society, as a country, we need to realize, that all the people who are citizens here on this soil, no matter what their origins are, they are Americans. And, you know, the old adage, ‘I am my brother’s keeper,’ comes into play. You know, Sam realizes he deserves the right, he’s earned the right of Captain America and that has nothing to do with his race or his background.”

sam wilson
Credit: Marvel Studios

If Sam realized he deserved the right to be respected while holding the shield, that means he deserves a parade…doesn’t it? We think so, and we’re first in line if Mackie wants to lead the charge on some floats and beads when the world gets back to normal.

Would you want to see a Captain America parade? Let us know!

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