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Arendelle: The World of Frozen is continuing to take shape at Hong Kong Disneyland. The new theme park area was announced in 2016 and fans have been loving seeing the new world take shape.

World of Frozen
Credit: Disney

Twitter user HKDL Fantasy (@hkdlfantasy) shared more images that show continued progress on the large show building, as well as mesh sculpting that will help shape the iconic mountain where Elsa formed her ice castle.

The rockwork of Arendelle reaches new heights as the steel structure continues to cover the show building of “Frozen Ever After”. Mesh sculpting is also underway to form the shape of the mountain.

Previously reported construction has included building construction for the ride Frozen Ever After, which will mimic the ride already in place in the Norway Pavilion of the EPCOT World Showcase.

The Disney park ride will take Guests on a magical journey through the kingdom of Arendelle where they will see not only Elsa, but her adventurous sister Anna, and the always-down-for-warm-hugs snowman Olaf.

Frozen Ever After
Credit: Disney

Disney World describes their Frozen Ever After attraction as:

Find a seat aboard your boat and let the lapping waters take you through a frozen willow forest.

Soon, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some “boulders”—a.k.a. Kristoff’s family from Troll Valley—before bracing for the cold.

High up in the icy blue world of the North Mountain, Queen Elsa’s enchanting ice palace awaits. Behold the wonder… and keep an eye out for Anna, Olaf and a few more Frozen friends.

This enchanting “Summer Snow Day” celebration—complete with many of your favorite Frozen tunes—is sure to melt even the coldest hearts!

frozen ever after animatronics
Credit: Disney

There has also been continued construction on the new roller coaster that will be a part of Arendelle: World of Frozen. The ride will be called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs. Hopefully, there will be some kind of big summer blowout when the ride opens!

Disney Parks Blog wrote about the new area:

Also at Hong Kong Disneyland, guests will be able to experience the world of “Frozen” like never before – enjoying its sights, sounds, cuisines and traditions. The new “Frozen” area will feature a one-of-a-kind coaster called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs that will take guests on a winding journey through Arendelle. Each experience on Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs begins when you visit Oaken’s infamous store. Then, Olaf and Sven help pull your sled to the top of the lift before sending you on your way.   

Wandering Oaken Sliding Sleighs
Credit: Disney

Arendelle: World of Frozen was first announced at the D23 Expo in 2016 as part of a multi-year expansion that will take place at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t the only Disney Park to be getting a Frozen-themed land. In fact, over in Tokyo Disney there will be a new area called Fantasy Springs which will include lands themed off of FrozenTangled, and Peter Pan. You can read more about this here.

Tokyp Disneyland
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Guests visiting the Fantasy Springs area at Tokyo Disney will be able to see Rapunzel’s iconic tower and also ride an attraction that takes them on an adventure through Rapunzel’s best day ever. The ride is described by Disney Wiki:

Guests will board gondolas for a romantic boat tour of Rapunzel’s “best day ever” as Rapunzel journeys with Flynn Rider to the lantern festival. Countless flickering lanterns illuminate the attraction’s climactic scene while Rapunzel and Flynn sing the iconic song “I See the Light“, leading to an unforgettable finale.

Are you excited for World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!

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