New “Frozen Ever After” ride debuts at Epcot with amazing animatronics, replaces Maelstrom in Norway

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Disney’s new “Frozen Ever After” ride opened its doors today for the first time, welcoming guests into the world of Arendelle at Epcot.

The ride replaces the former Maelstrom attraction in the theme park’s Norway pavilion and largely follows the same flow – but with all new scenes featuring favorites from “Frozen.” While the exterior waterfall no longer offers a glimpse inside the ride, there are many new magical moments throughout.

Check it all out on our full ride through video below:

And here’s a video of just the Elsa “Let it Go” sequence (due to copyright claims, we had to add another track on top…but it’s pretty, so roll with it):

And here’s a video of the full queue:

For those looking to meet the iconic sisters for yourself, you can also check them out in the Royal Sommerhus meet-and-greet. We have video for you right here:

The Frozen Ever After attraction replaced the previous classic ride Maelstrom. Check out our tribute video to it below

The ride has commanded quite a lot of attention already, with a line stretching well into China (how often do you get to write that?) and creating wait times in excess of 5 hours!

We’ll have more from the new “Frozen” ride later, so keep checking back.

Do you think Frozen Ever After is a worthy replacement for Maelstrom? Chime in below!

in Disney, Entertainment, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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