Comments for New “Frozen Ever After” ride debuts at Epcot with amazing animatronics, replaces Maelstrom in Norway


  1. Thanks for the post and for the ride thru. It looks like an alright ride and I acknowledge that it will attract more kids than the theme and tone of Maelstrom…but I’m still gonna miss Maelstrom and am sad it was already closed by the time I got there last year. I would’ve liked to see them keep the big troll from Maelstrom and try to integrate it in somehow, but this works alright and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    Oh well, time marches on.

  2. (and lest the tone of my post come off as “hateful”, I truly am impressed by this ride and I look forward to riding it next time I’m down there….kudos to the production team of Imagineers, cast and crew that made it happen….it looks great!)

  3. EricJ

    (Oaken 🙂 “Ja, you is not the first to come this way…Nor is you going to be da last, I know it!”

    1. lol…love it Eric

  4. Breanna

    From the video I saw earlier today, it looks as if the animatronic Olaf in the first scene is not working correctly.

    1. Eric

      The Olaf in the beginning was working correctly but it broke and the ride broke down becasue of it. I guess they figured to just reopen the ride with a broken Olaf instead of sending a queue of 5 hrs away. Still a great looking ride.

  5. Brett

    Seems very rushed and just a way to shoehorn more frozen mania on property. It also has no place in a cultural pavilion. This is my opinion of course.

    The story of the ride also seems to make little sense, especially the let it go bit.

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