Disney World Teaches Birds to Recycle!

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Disney always finds a way to make everyday life even more spectacular and magical, and when it comes to Earth month, things are no different. 

April is Earth Month, which could be a time of year that people tend to gloss over as it is not heavily publicized in the media. That being said, Disney is being sure to educate their Guests in new and unique ways that instantly captivate whoever is around.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most eco-friendly theme parks Disney has to offer, I mean, the centerpiece of the theme park is the Tree of Life. To celebrate and bring awareness to Earth Month, Animal Kingdom has decided to get creative with some of its performers.

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Feathered Friends in Flight! is a show that is currently running in place of UP! A Great Bird Adventure. There is no word on when UP! A Great Bird Adventure will return to Animal Kingdom — Don’t worry though Feathered Friends in Flight! is a fantastic show and a must-do when you visit the park.

The show has some pretty talented Cast Members with even a wingspan, and now, they are showing Guests how to recycle! 

Flik at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

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Before the show began, it seems that one bird specifically wanted to help protect its environment. Disney Parks TikTok (@disneyparks) posted a video where a bird has an empty bottle of Dasani clasped in its beak, only to bring it over to the recycling bin to properly dispose of it.

A recycling bird just hits different ♻️ #Disney #DisneyParks #TikTokAnimals #EcoHacks #Recycle #PlanetEarth #EarthMonth


A recycling bird just hits different ♻️ #Disney #DisneyParks #TikTokAnimals #EcoHacks #Recycle #PlanetEarth #EarthMonth

♬ original sound – Disney Parks

The bird’s actions just go to show that if a big can do it, so can us Guests. We also can see that the show has altered its intro message to celebrate Earth Day, calling it a “celebration” and changing the name of the show. Thanks to Ethan (@ThatDisneyBoi) we can see and hear the new message!

New announcement prior to the show that highlights the Earth Day Celebration specifically calling it “Feathered Friends in Flight” which is nice to see 😀

It seems Disney’s Animal Kingdom is really doing their part to spread awareness of Earth Month in a fun and captivating ways which will not only inspire adults but also, all the children watching in the crowds. Disney theme parks across the U.S. have introduced more eco-friendly products, such as reusable bagspaper straws, and bamboo utensils in 2021, which continues to show that the Walt Disney Company is pushing towards an eco-friendly theme park.

What eco-friendly changes have you noticed at Disney World?

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