Walt Disney Company to end use of plastic straws by mid-2019, announces multi-year plan to reduce plastic waste

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plastic straws

The Walt Disney Company announced their plan to eliminate single-use plastic straws and stirrers at all of their owned and operated locations around the world by mid-2019, with more steps to reduce plastic waste over the next few years.

According to Disney, their commitment to stop using plastic straws and stirrers will result in a “reduction of more than 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers annually.” In the coming years, Disney will also:

  • Reduce plastics in guest rooms by 80 percent by transitioning to refillable in-room amenities in hotels and on cruise ships.
  • Reduce the number of plastic shopping bags used in parks and on cruise ships, giving guests the option of purchasing a reusable bag.
  • Eliminate polystyrene cups at their owned and operated locations around the world.
  • Continue recycling and responsibly disposing of single-use waste that can’t be eliminated.

plastic straws

“Eliminating plastic straws and other plastic items are meaningful steps in our long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Bob Chapek, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products. “These new global efforts help reduce our environmental footprint, and advance our long-term sustainability goals.”

plastic straws

Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has worked to save wildlife around the globe, and more recently, they’ve reduced Disney’s net greenhouse gas emissions by 41 percent, diverted almost 50 percent of waste from landfills, and developed water conservation plans.

For more information on the Disney Conservation Fund, head over to their official website.

Source: Disney


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    Carla Frost

    Great news about everything but the straws. Some people actually need them for drinking due to disabilities.

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    The far-left ignores drug needles and homeless defecating, while advocating for the incarceration of people who offer straws. Democrats are so mentally ill, their priorities are deranged and delusional.

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