Guests Evacuated Off Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

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seven dwarfs mine train

Credit: Kara Westercamp

Disney Parks attractions can experience technical difficulties from time to time, and it looks as though this week has been a tough one for the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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disney world mine train
Credit: Disney

On Monday, EPCOT had some technical difficulties as several attractions experienced unexpected downtime, which you can read more about here. Additionally, today Space Mountain experienced some prolonged downtime for unknown reasons, which you can read more about here.

Now, it looks like another Magic Kingdom attraction had to face some downtime earlier today as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train evacuated Guests from the attraction this afternoon.

seven dwarfs mine train
Credit: Disney

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It typically has one of the longest — if not the longest— wait times at the theme park every single day. Well, unfortunately for some Guests, they had to be evacuated off of the attraction this afternoon as the ride experienced some technical difficulties, however the Cast Members who were working at the time were extremely helpful and reassuring to Guests.

Disney World Guest Kara W. shared online that she was evacuated off of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train after being stopped at Snow White’s cottage at the end of the ride. Kara and the rest of her party had to be escorted off and went through the emergency exit, which you can see in the photos below.

seven dwarfs mine train
Credit: Kara Westercamp

Kara explained that all of the Cast Members were extremely professional and helpful through this process, especially when navigating the Guests through getting off of the ride vehicle and to the emergency walkway. Every Disney World Cast Member ensured Guests that they were safe and really helped them through the evacuation process, which was very reassuring to those who were walking off of the ride, Kara said.

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seven dwarfs mine train
Credit: Kara Westercamp

Kara also took to Twitter to share her experience, in which again she reiterated how helpful the Disney World Cast Members were during this experience.

I had a nearly unbelievable excuse for being late to a conference call today: I was stuck on the @WaltDisneyWorld Seven Dwarves Mine Train ride and in the process of being evacuated off of it! Cast members were great, though! ?? #DisneyWorld #disneymagic #castcompliment

At this time, it looks as though Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is back up and running at Magic Kingdom. According to WDW Stats on Twitter, the popular attraction reopened after an interruption of 87 minutes.

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At the time of publication, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is showing a 65-minute wait time, which you can see reflected in the screenshot below.

seven dwarfs mine train
Credit: Screenshot MDE/ITM

More on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

If you’ve never had the chance to ride the popular Magic Kingdom attraction, the official Disney World description reads:

Race through the diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on a swaying family coaster ride.

Deep inside an age-old mountain, clamber into a rustic mine train and make your way up a steep incline. 

At the summit, feel the wind across your face as you navigate hairpin turns and head deep into the mine shaft—your creaky cart teetering back and forth. Soon, the dark sparkles with glittering jewels and you encounter the Seven Dwarfs, whistling and singing while they work. 

Chug through the cavern and climb skyward. At the peak, glimpse an incredible view of Fantasyland before racing back down to the foot of the mountain.

Have you ever been evacuated off of an attraction at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below.

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