Do You Believe in Magic? New Harry Potter Collection!

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Harry Potter

Credit: Polka Dot Pixie Shop

The website Polka Dot Pixie is known for creating Disney-inspired merchandise such as t-shirts, face masks, phone cases, mugs, pins, wall art, etc. According to an Instagram post, ‘it’s Harry Potter week’ for Polka Dot Pixie Shop.

Let’s take a look at these magical designs!

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood
Credit: Warner Bros.

The same post shows a preview of the merchandise that they will be releasing: adorable t-shirts inspired by the Wizarding World universe. These t-shirt designs combine the magic and feel of the Wizarding universe with Polka Dot Pixie Shop’s style.

Do you believe in Magic?! ⚡️
It’s Harry Potter week here and we are sharing our new collection created for the Wizarding World!
This design has a variation for each of the 4 houses and the collection will be released Friday.

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The cute Harry Potter inspired t-shirt collection features the phrase “Do You Believe in Magic?” and a bunch of little details from the wizarding universe such as Harry’s glasses and his lightning-shaped scar, a wand casting a spell, an outline sketch of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the sign of Platform 9 3/4, a scarf, a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and Hedwig.

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Harry Potter
Credit: Polka Dot Pixie Shop Instagram Stories

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The t-shirt comes in four styles to mimic the four Hogwarts houses, red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff, and blue for Ravenclaw.

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Harry Potter
Credit: Polka Dot Pixie Shop Instagram Stories

The Harry Potter-inspired t-shirt designs are perfect for any and all wizards, witches, muggles and Harry Potter fans out there!

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Meanwhile, you can go ahead and take a look at some other Disney or Harry Potter-inspired merchandise available in their store by clicking here.

Are you excited about the new Harry Potter-inspired Polka Dot Pixie Shop collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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