Photographer Transforms Photos With Amazing ‘Harry Potter’ Magic

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Credit: Alexandria Slens social media (@alexandriaslens)

If you are a parent, you probably enjoy recording amazing family moments in special videos and photos of everyone from your kids to your furry family members to you and your significant other. Professional pictures are a great way to do that, but what if you could spice those pictures and make them even more memorable? One photographer is making memories truly magical.

Alexandria is a professional photographer who decided that family photos could use an extra dose of magic. Well, actually, she added a lot of charms and spells inspired the Harry Potter universe! And, the results of her efforts are breathtaking!


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Her social media accounts are filled with stunning pictures and videos of her, her husband, and her kids in several magical scenarios. A lot of the images are inspired by the Wizarding World universe created by British author, J.K. Rowling.

By scrolling on her page, you will find photos of her kids flying in broomsticks, wearing Hogwarts uniforms — apparently, the family belongs to the Gryffindor house –, playing the wizarding sport Quidditch, conjuring a Patronus, catsing spells, interacting with magical creatures, like the Hippogriff, a Acromantula, Merpeople — just like Newtscamander from Fantastic Beasts — and more.


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In one of her TikTok posts, Alexandria even teaches us muggles how to take a regular video of ourselves and turn it into a movie image in the Harry Potter newspaper, The Daily Prophet!

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Tag a Potterhead who would love this ⚡️?#harrypotter #fyp

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On her Instagram page (@alexandriaslens), and her TikTok page (@alexandriaslens), she shows a little of the “magical tale of our family of five”. On her accounts, you can see behind-the-scenes of the camera work that results in her stunning images.

Alexandria even has a website, her “magic shop”, where she provides two cute image overlays for everyone to be able to magically turn their family photos into a magical experience!

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Right now, there are two overlays available for purchase — the Magical Glowing Butterfly Overlay and the Glowing Wand Spells Overlay. Each image overlay costs only $9.99, and you can use it for as many photos as you’d like, since you are purchasing it for download. If you are interested in acquiring one of the overlays for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

It is clear to see that Alexandria and her family are huge Harry Potter fans, and in love with everything wizarding!

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Yet, her magic doesn’t only extend to the Harry Potter universe. She also has beautiful pictures inspired by Disney movies and characters, including Disney Princesses like Cinderella and Ariel. So, hurry up, and go take a look!

What did you think of Alexandria’s magical work? Will you be following her on social media to see if she keeps teaching muggles, witches, and wizards how to perform magic with our own photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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