Facial Recognition at Disney: What You Need to Know

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Disney is testing new facial recognition technology on Guests when they enter Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. If you have a trip to Disney World in the near future, this is everything you need to know before you go.

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Where will Disney test facial recognition technology?

Disney is going to test this new technology at Magic Kingdom as Guests enter the park.

Disney has said that this technology is being tested as an “innovative and more convenient” way for Guests to enter its theme parks. They continue to say that this is in an effort to provide Guests with more touchless experiences during the pandemic and beyond.

When will Disney test facial recognition technology?

Starting today, March 23, through April 23, Disney will test this new technology at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Disney stated that while the initial test is only slated to last 30 days, they may extend testing.

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How does Disney’s facial recognition technology work?

According to Disney, this new technology will capture your image and convert your image into a unique number. That number will be associated “with the form of admission being used for park entry.”

Do I have to participate in facial recognition testing?

No. You do not have to participate. For those wanting to test be sure to have a valid Park Pass reservation and admission ticket.

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How can I participate in the facial recognition technology test?

If you would like to participate in this testing, and you have a valid theme park admission ticket along with a Disney Parks Pass reservation, here is what you need to do.

  • At the entrance of Magic Kingdom, there will be a lane designation for facial recognition testing.

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  •  Keep your face masks on but remove any hats or sunglasses that may be covering your face.
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  • Once you are standing in the testing zone, face the camera and then scan your theme park ticket or MagicBand on the scanner. Then, your photo will be taken, and you can enter the park.
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Disney asks Guests that if you return to Magic Kingdom on another day that testing is conducted, and you have previously tested the technology, to please test it again to help them perfect it.

Is facial recognition secure?

Per the official Walt Disney World Resort website, Disney had this to say about the safety and security in place in regard to this new facial recognition technology:

  • The security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures that are designed to protect Guest information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use and modification. Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.
  • Images and the associated unique numbers captured for this technology test will be discarded within 30 days after the test concludes. We will not share the images and unique numbers captured for this test with third parties.
  • Participation in this test is optional and limited. Guests who have valid theme park admission and a Disney Park Pass reservation may use another line for park entry.
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It is unclear if Disney decides to adopt facial recognition fully or if there will be a way for Guests to opt-out of using it for theme park entry. We will continue to monitor and update any information regarding this exciting new technology coming to Walt Disney World.

Note that when fingerprint scanning was introduced at the Disney World theme parks, Guests were able to opt-out. Fingerprint scanning at park entry was not brought back when the parks reopened last summer amid the pandemic.

Again, this new facial recognition technology is only being tested at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, no word on if EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or the water parks will test facial recognition. Also, no word on if this will be tested at Disneyland when the resort reopens on April 30.

Will you be testing the facial recognition technology at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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