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Wearing Face Masks Comfortably

Credit: Disney


  1. LL

    Kind of pointless with a mask on. Too many facial features are covered up to make this accurate. Convenience? This will take longer than waiving a MagicBand or using a fingerprint. I feel WDW is just testing the waters to see how the public reacts. I personally don’t care since airports are already using this, but that’s in the interest of safety as well as assisting immigrations. Others will go ballistic over any idea of placing your likeness into a data base.

  2. Dart

    Wait what? Presumably one has to remove their mask in order to be scanned (or otherwise this facial recognition thing would be useless), yet you can’t drop your mask for five seconds while you stand six feet away from everyone to take a vacation picture with your family? When will common sense reassert itself?

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