New ‘Lilo and Stitch’ Funko POP Collection Coming Soon!

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Lilo and Stitch POP Collection

Exciting news for all our readers who are fans of Lilo and Stitch as a huge new Funko POP! collection is coming very soon. Recently announced at the Funko Fair 2021, the new figures include:

  • Stitch in various designs
  • Lilo in various designs
  • Nani
  • Jumba Jookiba
  • Pleakley
  • Captain Gantu
  • David Kawena

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights below:

Smiling Seated Stitch Funko POP

Smiling seated Stitch Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

This figure comes in both the classic 6-inch Funko POP size and a larger 10-inch POP. The smaller version is priced at $10.99 and the larger vinyl figure comes in at $29.99. Both are being released in June!

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Stitch in Rocket Funko POP

Stitch asleep in a rocket ship Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Okay, this one is just incredible. It features Stitch fast asleep in the ‘Space Adventure’ rocket and we challenge anyone not to be a fan of how cute he looks here! The figure is being released in June and is retailing for $29.99.

Lilo with Scrump Funko POP

Lilo with Scrump Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

This cute new Funko POP figure features Lilo with her bag, carrying Scrump, her homemade rag doll. Let’s hope you won’t have to give this Scrump surgery. The figure retails for $10.99.

Stitch with Ukulele Funko POP

Stitch with ukulele funko pop
Credit: Funko

This extremely happy looking Stitch comes equipped with a ukulele and fits perfectly in any Lilo and Stitch collection. The item releases in June and costs $10.99.

Lilo with Pudge Funko POP

Lilo and Pudge Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

This really is one for hardcore fans of Lilo and Stitch as Pudge only appears in the opening credits of the main movie and in an episode of the series, where we actually see Lilo feed him a peanut butter sandwich. In the movie, she mentions that she does this on a weekly basis before her hula class. This figure will retail for $10.99.

Lilo and Stitch Mystery Minis

Lilo and Stitch Mystery Minis
Credit: Funko

The Mystery Minis collection features a huge cast of characters from the movie that include multiple variants of both Lilo and Stitch and fan-favorites like Jumba Jookiba and Pleakley. You can purchase these in a 4-pack for $24.99 or in a 12-pack for $67.99. Keep in mind that the selection is random so you’re not guaranteed to get every figure.

Lilo and Stitch Exclusive Funko Releases

There are a number of unique figures going to select retailers that were announced at the Funko Fair. You can see these figures and the retailer they will be available from below:

Stitch Funko Pop exclusives
Credit: Funko

Which of the new Funko POPs will you be buying? Let us know in the comments below!

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