Stitch Stirs the Pot (of Pasta) with Absurd Design

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Stitch February Absurd Design featured image

Credit for Stitch Photo: Disney

We all know that Stitch has a tendency to be a little strange. He is an alien after all! As odd as Stitch can be, he’s also endearing and adorable. In Disney’s new merchandise collection, Stitch Crashes Disney, designers have tried to capture Stitch’s strange-but-cute essence in the designs.

In this release, Stitch crashes iconic Disney movie scenes on merchandise for all to enjoy. For the January design, Stitch looked adorable and mischievous. He was wrapped up in some stained glass roses from Beauty and the Beast. This January design will be available to those who receive a MerchPass tomorrow and in stores soon (read this article for exact dates). Through January’s illustration was adorable, Disney previewed Stitch’s look for February and – it’s a bit strange, even for Stitch.

Lady and the Tramp x Stitch

Stitch February Plush
Credit: Disney

Sometimes, weird can be cute and fun. There are other times, however, when weird is just weird. In my personal opinion, this idea is one of those times. You can tell that this design attempts to take inspiration from the ‘Bella Notte’ scene of Lady and the Tramp. Yet, all I see when I look at this pattern is some odd-looking ice cream. The plop of pasta on Stitch’s head looks more like a sundae than a heap of spaghetti.

Some reporters on the ITM team even discussed how the illustration on Stitch’s fur looks like pizza instead of spaghetti and meatballs. On the other hand, some of us noted that the shape and color of the meatball makes it look more like a strawberry.

I’m all for some mischievous fun with Stitch, but in my opinion, this art is sadly a swing and a miss. Part of me hopes perhaps this design will look cute up close — maybe the photos are misleading. However, I think even in person this design will hit your eye more like a big pizza pie than some romantic spaghetti on a lovely “Bella Notte.”

This product design – here forth referred to as “Stitch-ghetti” – even inspired some fun memes. Check them out and relish in the absurdity!

Stitch-getty meme
Meme Credit: Jesse Krutsinger
Despicable Me Stitch meme
Stitch Image Credit: Disney
Meme Credit: Jesse Krutsinger

Availability and Purchasing

Stitch February Series
Credit: Disney

But hey! What I call absurd illustrations, some may call weirdly cute. If you disagree and find this Stitch design adorable, we won’t judge! Some people may like this February Stitch, while others think it’s an absurd design. The best thing about Disney fans is that we all have different views and opinions, but we are all part of the same Disney fan ‘Ohana.

There are limitless interpretations when creating art for a combined Disney icon product. If you want to purchase a heaping helping of Stitch-ghetti, you can enter MerchPass for February Stitch’s Lady and the Tramp product design on shopDisney on Tuesday, February 16th. You can also purchase the plush, pin, MagicBand, or all three in Disney Stores globally starting on Saturday, February 20th.

What do you think of this absurd design? Is it fit for a “Bella Notte” or is it a thing of nightmares? Let us know in the comments!

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Inside the Magic overall.

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