Former Imagineer Shares Never Before Seen Photos

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Roger Rabbit Toontown Disneyland Construction

Credit: @Jimshull on Twitter

Former Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney’s Imagineering department, Jim Shull, has taken to Twitter to share some incredible photos that fans have never seen before! Shull has been involved in countless projects across many Disney resorts and theme parks. As fans, we love seeing these incredible construction and concept photos.

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Jim Shull Toy Story Hotel Shanghai Disneyland
Credit: Jim Shull on Twitter

While some of the photos are of more current projects, some are throwbacks! Walt Disney Imagineering has had some insane projects over the years and Jim is sharing a little bit from Disney Parks around the globe. Check out these photos Shull shared of Phantom Manor — Disneyland Paris’s version of The Haunted Mansion.

Taken Fall 1991 of Phantom Manor paint work nearing completion. Note worker on raft in the river. #PhantomManor #DisneylandParis

We love this throwback to 1980’s EPCOT!

Photo taken Fall 1988 of the Wonders of Life pavilion under construction. The soon to be golden dome is under way as part of Future World. #epcot #Tomorrowland


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Moving over to the West Coast, Shull gave fans a look at the Toontown construction from early 1990s Disneyland:

Fall 1992 photo taken in front of Roger Rabbit’s Car-toon Spin. Trolly rails, Roger fountain statue, graphics and plantings to be installed. Ride was finished with the land but opened several months later by choice. #Disneyland#ToonTown

Shull has also worked on more recent projects, such as Shanghai Disneyland. He shared how concept sketches go from the page to the park!

Designing the Toy Box Cafe food court for Shanghai Disneyland began with my sketches. I developed dimensioned elevations working with building mass based on the project’s program requirements. #ShanghaiDisneyland #Disneyland#imagineering
Prop toys were based on actual toys and often were from my own collection. The TBC opened with Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland. #Disney #ToyStory

As a Disney fan, it is so fun to see these photos and the bits of backstory that go alongside them. Give Jim Shull a follow on Twitter (@JimShull) and see even more photos. Thank you for sharing your memories from your time with Walt Disney Imagineering and the projects you have been involved with at Disney Parks with everyone, Jim!

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What do you think of these behind the scenes construction photos? Let us know in the comments!

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