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Ready to wear some cake and eat it, too? The infamous (and sometimes missed) “cake castle” from Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary is back in a new form. When choosing a MagicBand to purchase for your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation, you can now choose the Birthday Cake Castle to wear on your wrist.

The Birthday Cake, Cinderella Castle
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Birthday Cake Castle MagicBand

The Walt Disney Company has recently phased out complimentary MagicBands offered with Walt Disney World Resort vacations. Now, Guests can either reuse an older MagicBand (the RFID chip and battery are reported to last around 3 years, give or take) or purchase a new one at a discount.

When loading your choices into My Disney Experience, you may see this little pink band amongst your choices. For a special price of $20.00, (the regular price will be $29.99 for Guests without a Resort reservation), you can own this infamous part of Magic Kingdom of history! It’s not available on shopDisney, so grab one during your next vacation!

cake castle magicband wdw
Credit: Disney World MDX

The baby pink band is reminiscent of the Birthday Cake Castle’s formidable color and has a hand-drawn rendering of the 25th-anniversary castle look itself. You can even see the faux frosting “25” on the center of the arch. While we’re not sure what the backside of the MagicBand looks like, you can be sure that it’s everything we’re craving.

In the recent push back to 1990s fashion, (and controversial new paint job on Cinderella Castle), we find ourselves looking back to 1996 and the nearly edible monstrosity in Cinderella Castle Hub. The gummy lifesavers, the candles, the excessive frosting. We kinda miss it.

This Reddit thread looks back on a visit during January 1997 and many of the commenters are calling for a return to this look, or at least more merchandise commemorating it. The Birthday Cake Castle was a perfect reflection of the time, and well…. a nostalgic design mistake that maybe wasn’t so bad… we’ll take another taste of it right now.

The infamous 25th anniversary “cake” castle at Walt Disney World (January 1997). Hopefully the design for the 50th anniversary in 2021 is a little more timeless from r/disney

Would you pick up this commemorative MagicBand? Leave us a comment about your thoughts on this nostalgic accessory!

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