Me-WOW! The Disney Cats MagicBand by Dooney & Bourke

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Look out above! It’s the “Reining Cats” Magicband from Dooney & Bourke starring your favorite Disney cats! Released this week to the Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort, the newest MagicBand offers a matching prrrresence to the Dooney & Bourke handbag.

Reining Cats Disney Magicband
Credit: The Disney Fashionista

Disney Cats MagicBand

Set into a themed box, the Dooney & Bourke Reining Cats release has a special MagicBand slider in gold to show off your treasure. Not only will you see classic felines from Disney animation such as Cheshire Cat, Boots, Marie, and Dinah, but also deep cuts from The Princess and the Frog like White Kitten in her frog hood. Even Yzma in cat form taunts us with her magic potion!

dooney & bourke cats magicband
Credit: The Disney Fashionista

Made in a limited edition of 2000, the band retails for $58 in the Parks. The Disney Fashionista posts on Instagram (handle @4disneyfashion) with a caption about the newest Dooney Magicband to hit the cat tower, complete with fun puns:

“The Disney Cats magic band is absolute purrrfection, and I need it right meow! ?✨✨


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The Disney Cats MagicBand release purrrrrfectly matches the Dooney & Bourke Disney Cats satchel, now on sale at (here). Pictured on the handbag are Thomas O’Malley and Duchess (Aristocats), Yzma as a cat (The Emperors New Grove), Lucifer (Cinderella), Figaro (Pinocchio), Oliver (Oliver & Company), White Kitten (Princess and the Frog), Dinah (Alice In Wonderland), and Mittens (Bolt).

dooney and bourke cats satchel 2020
Credit: shopDisney

The bottom of the handbag satchel has a cute surprise!! Along with kitty paw prints, a loving declaration for your own furry friend, “I <3 My Disney Cat!” The bag has the classic Dooney & Bourke “feet” to keep your bag looking its best throughout the years. Price: $298.00.

I love my disney cat bag
Credit: shopDisney

Are you a Disney cat lover? Would you scratch and claw to collect this Disney Parks MagicBand? Leave us a comment below!

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