U.S. Army Builds Real-Life Laser Blaster, ‘Star Wars’ Fans React

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stromtrooper shooting laser blaster at han solo and chewbacca

Credit: Lucasfilm

Sometimes, Star Wars and the real world intersect in the most unexpected ways. For instance, the U.S. Space Force considered naming its members both “Wookiees” and “Skywalkers” before landing on “Guardians,” which was hilarious in its own right.

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Now, the United States military is at it again. The Army is constructing a real-life laser blaster reminiscent of the weapons that are oft used in a galaxy far, far away.

SyFy provided these details about the laser, which sounds like something that would be seen on Coruscant, Tatooine, or Hoth — not right here on Earth:

Luke would be amazed to see this. The U.S. Army is building a laser blaster over a million times more powerful than any previous laser platform. These badass weapons work by pulsing beams at a target (such as a drone or missile) until it melts, which already sounds sci-fi enough. This one fires flashes of light that look like glowing bullets, not unlike all the pew! pew! pew! that goes on in Star Wars.

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Their report continued:

The Tactical Ultrashort Pulsed Laser (UPSL) platform will be part of the Tactical Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Platform system. Not only can it vaporize an enemy drone, but it can also disrupt enemy signals like nothing else.

Unsurprisingly, Star Wars fans almost instantly took to social media to react to the laser beam announcement.

Very Funny Lady, @LeighannLord, wrote:

The Army wants to protect soldiers from aerial drone attacks by shooting them out of the sky with lasers. Apparently somebody just saw Star Wars.

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Kerr Sutherland shared SyFy’s article and noted:

Star Wars just got real, because the Army is building a real-life laser blaster

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Multiple Star Wars fans replied to New Scientist’s Tweet about the Army’s laser technology. Cy quipped:

What next? Death star?

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London Titan could care less about lasers, but would love to see an X-wing parked in his driveway:

Just give me my X-Wing Fighter.

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Finally, one commenter cleared-up exactly how to tell which side the Army is really on by the color of the laser beam:

Red means Rebels/Separatists; Green is Imperials/Galactic Empire; Blue is Republic (#StarWars geek approved?)

What are your thoughts on this futuristic technology? Do you like seeing Star Wars meet real life?

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