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When it comes to theme parks, many elements make them an amazing experience, but there is one thing that almost every guest could do without — and that is waiting in line. Guests who visit Universal Orlando Resort can often get stuck waiting over 120 minutes in attraction queues, but there is a way to avoid one long line right off the bat!

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When every guest arrives at Universal Orlando Resort and wants to enter Universal Studios, the first thing they must do is wait in line to get their ticket scanned. Depending on who you are behind, and how many visitors are trying to get inside, this entry queue can postpone your day of fun at the parks! Plus, if you are like me and always get stuck behind a party of 10 who noticed they misplaced their tickets just as they reach the front of the line — it may also test your patience.

Well, what if we told you you can enter Universal Studios through a secret entrance that very few guests even know about? It’s true! Universal Studios has a second entrance that often has one Team Member operating it and, most of the time, boasts no line!

If you want to know how to get to the secret entrance at Universal Studios, it’s simple! Head towards the Blue Man Group entrance. You should find yourself walking down a path with the theater up ahead in front of you.

Credit: ithemepark via YouTube

Once you hit the theater, turn left towards the park. You should see Rip Ride Rockit directly in front of you, with a Team Member underneath a portion of the coaster! There will be no turnstiles at the entrance, however, the Team Member will still check your ticket as would be done at the front gate. The only difference is that this time, you get to walk right under Rip Ride Rockit and enter the park between the entrance to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and the Universal Studios Store.

Credit: ithemepark via YouTube

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When Universal Orlando Resort reopened after the pandemic, the secret entrance was not active. That being said, it seems the entrance has been confirmed to be back up and running as of September 2020. YouTuber More Theme Park Shark snapped this quick video of what the entrance looks like from the inside of the park, as well as showcasing the Team Member who was working the secret gate.

If you want to take a peek for yourself, check it out below!

Universal Studios guests can also use that entrance as an exit when leaving the parks. This is a great tip for visitors because at the end of a park day, funneling out of a crowded theme park is likely the last thing you want to do. By exiting through the secret entrance (and in turn, exit), guests can leave the theme park quite peacefully.

If you want a fully guided entry tour on how to use Universal’s secret entrance, YouTuber Captain Tom has you covered!

Have you ever used the secret entrance and exit at Universal Studios? Did you know that it existed?

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