Comments for Universal Studios Has a Secret Entrance!

Credit: Br.yan 7403 via Instagram (left) More Theme Park Shark via YouTube (right)


  1. Ryan Simmons

    It’s not a secret anymore!!! Lol! I would add that the bathroom on the left side of the blue man group is the best and often the cleanest one at Universal.

  2. A Friend

    Great article, but I think what you meant was *right.

  3. A Friend

    Great article, but I think you meant *right, not left.

  4. Eirinn

    You most definitely turn right. This is also the way you can skip having to go through citywalk when leavin IoA and heading to USF….but for now, you can’t go that way from USF to IoA (which makes no sense).

    Also goddangit this was like the ONE extra perk that no tourists knew about.

  5. John

    You left out that this doesn’t open at park opening, not sure with Covid protocols but normally doesn’t open until close to noon, maybe 11 AM

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