Disney Parks Adds New Addition to Cinderella’s Horse Family

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One of the most magical things that happen at Disney Parks is the several different parades throughout the day. During them, guests can see their favorite Disney characters, while enjoying a very well performed parade show. One of the most classic and stunning parade attractions at Magic Kingdom is when Cinderella comes out on her coach pulled by her beautiful white horses!

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Those horses come from Disney’s Tri-Circle D Ranch in Orlando, Florida — and are pampered and taken care of like royalty. Because of their fame and importance to Cinderella, it is always a huge deal when there is a new edition to the horse royal family. And right now, there is a huge fuss going on over the newest arrival, Obie!

Dr. Mark (@drmarkatdisney) took to Instagram to post the baby steed.

Guess what new baby just galloped into the world? Wishing a warm welcome to our newest addition, Obie!

Obie joins a herd of 28 other ponies @WaltDisneyWorld’s Tri-Circle D Ranch. This little guy is a quick learner – standing and nursing within just one hour of his birth! He loves chasing his mom, Lady, around the field, running circles around her while she grazes on the green grass.

#DidYouKnow Obie is actually the brother of Lilly, who was our first Cinderella pony born at the ranch? In a few years, he will join his sister and father on Cinderella’s pumpkin coach in parades and @Disney’s Fairytale Weddings throughout the resort.

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The newest “Cinderella pony” joins the other 28 ponies at Walt Disney World’s Tri-Circle D Ranch! And he is a special little guy –his mother, Lilly, was actually the first white Shetland pony ever born at the Disney Park property.

Lilly and Cinderella / Credit: DisneyParks Blog

And like any other royal, Obie is next in line to fulfill his family’s royal duties. Obie’s grandparents, Lady and Ferdinand, and her mother Lilly are all Cinderella’s ponies! Meaning, when Obie is big enough — around two to three-years-old — he will join his family lineage and pull Cinderella on her iconic pumpkin coach for Disney weddings and parades on Walt Disney World property.

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Credit: Disney

For now, Obie will continue to live around the comforts that Tri-Circle-D Ranch offers. Hopefully, we will see more of Obie around social media as he grows!

How cute is Obie? What do you think of Cinderella’s ponies? Have you seen them at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park? Let us know in the comments below.

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