Blast out of a Velociraptor Rock Mouth on Universal’s VelociCoaster

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Jurassic World Velocicoaster

Universal’s VelociCoaster is opening in summer 2021, and with construction quickly coming towards an end, we are beginning to see all of the little details the Universal creative team put into this Jurassic World adventure! The rock work on the attraction is expansive and menacing — and just when we thought it couldn’t become any more terrifying, it does.

Credit: Universal

Bioreconstruct has brought us more aerial views of the VelociCoaster, and now we can see the completed rock work of the attraction from a birds eye view. The interesting thing we noticed, that would have never been apparent, is that the rock tunnel that our coaster will launch out of, resembles the mouth of a velociraptor.

If you take a look below, it almost looks like the base of the rocks are the velociraptor neck, with its mouth wide open — and we get to shoot right out of it.

Considering this attraction will take its guests on a run with velociraptors, having a subtle velociraptor theme to the rock work is very fitting for the attraction (whether or not the Universal team intended for the rock work to look this way!). The aerial view does give us an idea of how tights the rock work portion of the VelociCoaster will be. We can see that the coaster track weaves in and our of the rocks, which will only enhance the immersion that the coaster has been promised to provide.

Credit: ITM Katrina Kennings

In the photo we can also see the dinosaur statues, or possible animatronics, ate still fully wrapped, except for the tail poking through on one of them. Universal’s newest thrill coaster will also have audio on the coaster, so put that together with dinosaurs popping around every turn, and I think we will be pumping with adrenaline during our velociraptor run.

If you want to head over to Universal Orlando once VelociCoaster opens at Islands of Adventure in summer 2021, make sure you start planning your vacation today! Click here and get ready to enter the prehistoric era. 

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