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Universal Orlando Resort has been a popular theme park location during the pandemic for many park-goers. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that, although Disney World requires Guests to make Disney Park Pass reservations, Universal does not have a reservation system in-place. That means that their visitors can just decide they want to go to Universal Studios or Universal’s Islands of Adventure any morning and get into the parks. That is, if they have not yet hit capacity. 

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Holiday crowds are still lingering at Universal Orlando this week. Though Christmas has passed, New Year’s Eve is around the corner. Many visitors often stay for both holidays when visiting, which in past years has created shoulder to shoulder crowds. With Universal Orlando having a capacity limit at the moment, unlimited crowds are not an option. Tying that fact together with guest demand has now caused Universal Orlando to hit capacity in under one hour, which is the fastest we have seen the parks fill up this pandemic.

Shockingly enough, this has all happened on Monday — a day that is typically not difficult to get into Universal on since weekends are the usual capacity-hitting days. Last Monday, Universal also quickly hit capacity, but it didn’t happen in under one hour.

R.I.P.cot Center (@RIPcotCenter) even posted the holiday crowds that are occurring this week at Universal to Twitter advising others to not go — and the lines are massive!

AspiringOne (@AspiringOne) also took to Twitter to showcase a jam-packed Wizarding World of Harry Potter from the holiday weekend.

In another episode of “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” here’s #Universal Studios #Orlando #Florida doing what it does best. Just think, all these people are getting on flights & heading back home.

The only day in the past few weeks that have seen lighter crowds was on December 26, as the parks did not hit capacity all day. The Universal Orlando Twitter account even tweeted out that guests needed to stop going to the mall to return presents and grace their theme parks with their presence. Cheeky, we know.

If you want to be sure that you are not going to show up to Universal and have to wait in a line to get in due to capacity, there are ways to check! Just make sure that you are on the Universal Orlando app, as it is constantly being updated in terms of capacity, or you can call the capacity hotline (407-817-8317) which is an automated message that quickly tells you the status of the parks. That way, you can avoid disappointment!

If you want to head to Universal Orlando in 2021, you can start planning today! With their newest coaster, VelociCoaster, opening in summer 2021, there has never been a more thrilling time to visit. Click here to begin planning today. 

Have you been to Universal Orlando this holiday season? Do you think the crowds are large? 

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