Comments for Universal Orlando Hits Capacity in Under 1 Hour!

Credit: RIPcotCenter / AspiringOne


  1. Russ Cascio

    How many visitors are allowed at their capacity of 25%

  2. Tamara Dowd

    Time to sell new annual passes to Disney, spread the love.

  3. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I wasn’t there over Christmas break, however my mom ,who is 74 , my cousin, friend and I ( who are all in our 50s) were there December 5th and 6th. None of us got sick. They make you use hand sanitizer before you go on the rides. honestly I am probably less at risk of catching something there than I am when I go to the grocery store and pick up things that tons of other people touched. and who knows if they’ve washed their hands before shopping. Thank you Universal for a wonderful vacation!

  4. Alexander

    I’m here now and everything is great!! I’m staying at Dockside and a Premier Season Pass Holder .. get in early or whenever i want. Discounts on everything and shuttle everywhere.. no problems and everything is great!!

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