Could the TRON Coaster Have Boarding Groups When it Opens?

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TRON Coaster Shanghai Disneyland

As a Disney park fan, we are all familiar with the new virtual queue system that rolled out with the Rise of the Resistance attractions at Hollywood Studios. Could this virtual queue system also be utilized for TRON Lightcycle Power Run when it opens at the Magic Kingdom? Let’s discuss.

Tron canopy 2
Credit: ITM Katrina

Construction on the TRON coaster continues to push forward, although it faced some setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic. This towering futuristic structure is truly beginning to take shape in the skyline of Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

While this attraction is an exact clone of the Shanghai Disneyland coaster of the same name, it is still sure to be EXTREMELY popular with Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom. Shanghai Disneyland is not an easy park to visit, as it requires an expensive and lengthy visa process just to get into China. Plus, traveling in this new covid-19 world is extremely difficult and can be risky. With that being said we are glad to see TRON Lightcycle Power Run making its way to the Magic Kingdom so we can enjoy the fast-paced attraction here.

However, the pandemic era world that we live in has drastically changed the theme park experience, including but not limited to lines for attractions.

Tron lightcycle run
Credit: Disney

Before the pandemic hit Disney unveiled a new land and two incredible attractions. That of course is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the attractions being Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance. With Rise of the Resistance Disney knew that the E-ticket attraction would be so overwhelmingly popular that Guests would have to endure long lines in order to ride. In an effort to mitigate that Disney started using a boarding group system which allowed Guests who wanted to ride the opportunity to be put in a lottery system for a return time in order to ride the attraction.

This worked for a while, and Disney eventually made some quality of life changes to the boarding group system. Recently, instead of having to be inside of Hollywood Studios when the park first opens you can now make enter the lottery from your app as long as you are “close” to the park and have a reservation. So reservations can be attempted from the comfort of your Disney World hotel room.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue
Credit: ITM

I think the keyword here is, unfortunately, “lottery” as it reiterates that Guests are not guaranteed a spot to ride the attraction. And that is truly unfortunate, as new attractions can be a driving force for theme park attendance. Overall I do believe that the boarding group system is a great way to have control over the long lines and excessive wait times. However, making the opportunity to ride and attraction random after Guests have paid a high monetary price for entry is a hard sell.

Of course, one could argue the point that all attractions and entertainment at the parks are subject to change. Weather, technical difficulties, and other extenuating circumstances can affect any ride or show from normal operations. So you are not ever truly guaranteed to ride any attraction inside a Disney park.

I believe that Disney will continue to use this virtual queue technology for the openings of most anticipated attractions. I like the boarding group system, even though it may mean I can’t enjoy the attraction during my planned visit.

What would you think if Disney used this lottery system of boarding groups for the TRON coaster when it opens?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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