Confused Guest Pushes the WRONG Buttons on Rise of the Resistance

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Pushing Wrong Buttons

Credit: @Wilkieforever on TikTok

A Guest visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios was taking a video of the Rise of the Resistance attraction. Clearly enjoying the immersion level of the attraction, the Guest decided to start pushing buttons. He then found out that he pushed real buttons that actually help operate parts of the attraction.

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You can view the video here that was shared by Disney fan @ItsJustMatthewR on Twitter. It shows the video which was posted by TikTok user Wilkieforever. Wilkieforever is presumably the Guest in the video as this was posted to his TikTok account, and you can hear his laughter as he was enjoying the experience, unaware of what had happened.

Matthew captioned his post with this:

This dude really pushed ACTUAL BUTTONS on Rise

As you can see from the video due to social distancing markers Guests are being spread out more than previously during the preshow and preboarding of Rise of the Resistance. This brings some Guests closer to operating panels when they are placed on social distancing markers.

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Truly, we cannot blame this Guest for pushing the buttons! Rise of the Resistance is completely immersive, and if you have ever ridden Star Wars: Millennium Falcon- Smugglers Run you would know that it is highly encouraged to push buttons.

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Great job to the Cast Members in the video who stayed in character the entire time. It is the Cast Members that make the attraction feel so immersive.

What do you think about this video? Would you have done the same thing? Let us know in the comments!

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